Rob Thomas uses Norm’s “Voice Technologies” to Thank his Fans with a Song


Rob Thomas uses ShoutOmatic Voice Technologies to encourage his Fans to donate to his incredible charity for stray animals “Sidewalk Angels”.  If you call his Hotline Number you hear him sing you a special song thanking you for donating any amount you can.  After you hang up you receive a Text Message from his Number thanking you for your call and with a link to his PayPal page to donate.

If you press the PLAY button on his “Shout” in Facebook, you hear him sing to you and when the audio is finished, it automatically opens his Sidewalk Angels PayPal page for you to donate any amount you can….

Norm helps attract big names to Grumman Studios

Norm is working with the owner of Grumman Studios. Grumman Studios sits on one of the largest Studio complexes in the Northeast, a 30-acre site with 8 column-free stages in the space formerly known as the birth of the Apollo Lunar Modules that placed man on the moon, located in Long Island.

Today, it is home to some of New York’s biggest productions, including: SaltThe Amazing Spider-Man 2, AnnieThe Sound of Music Live, Peter Pan Live, last Thursday nights The Wiz Live and many other productions large and small.

Norm is bringing TV Shows/Feature Films/TV Commercials and Music Video Production opportunities to the Studio. 

Recent Signings & Activations:

Norm signed the following to have their Fan Community Apps Built:
– Zendaya
– Rae Sremmurd
– Fetty Wap
– Presidential Candidate: Dr Ben Carson
– Jason Derulo / Management

Luke Bryan uses Norm’s technology to Dummy-Proof the way Fans get his App “download-link” delivered directly to their phones

Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz uses Norm’s technology to Dummy-Proof the way Fans get his App “download-link” delivered directly to their phones

Norm Levy’s Technologies, Part of Ben Carson’s Secret Weapon

…..Carson also is involving voters via “ShoutOmatic” an engagement tool that allows the campaign to send supporters a phone number to call to hear messages from the candidate. And, Carson is the first political figure to use the “TopFan” smart phone application originally built for music artists Taylor Swift and Pitbull.

Norm signed Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson to both ShoutOmatic and to TopFan.


If and when opportunities may arise for the need for Brand Sponsors for Music Video production and/or for Sponsored Social Media Posts, please give me a Shout!

Here are recent Music Videos that we secured product placements and Instagram tie-in posts that subsidized the following productions:
  • Nicki Minaj = Anaconda
  • Nicki Minaj = Night is Still Young
  • Big Sean = I Dont F with You
  • Brittany Spears + Iggy Azalea = Pretty Girls
  • J Lo = El Mismo Sol
If you are seaking Sponsorship(s) for an upcoming Music Video: Please email me the production dates, your entry level rate, the treatment and please let me know any product categories that are no longer available?

If you are a Brand interested in receiving continuous opportunities for product placement, sponsored social posts, etc, please let me know?

Thank you,
Norm Levy

ShoutOmatic: Helping Artists Promote their Music, Merch & Tour Dates while gaining social exposure, collecting critical Fan data and obtaining Brand Sponsorships.

Norm Pivot’s ShoutOmatic and Gains New-Found Traction & Revenue

In addition to allowing Artists’ Voice Messages to heard across all social networks, web sites and blogs, and bringing their Message to life on anything offline such as their Merchandise, etc, I offer Social Media Phone Numbers for Artists to give out to their Fans as if it were their own cell number!

When Fans call (or text) the Artists Number they hear the latest Voice Message and the Fan can “reply” (sing, vote, etc) in their own Voice.

After the Fan hangs up the phone, they can receive an automatic Text Message from the Artists’ Number with any “call-to-action” , free bonus content or sponsored content!

We collect the Fans cell data on behalf of the Artist for any “outgoing” campaigns they may want to do later (outgoing texts and/or calls with a pre-recorded message).

And, at any given time, we can “Forward” the Hotline incoming calls to the Artists real Cell phone if they ever want to ANSWER Fans calls in Real Time (for special social Q & As, Live Events, etc)

Artists are even putting their Hotline Numbers in their Social Media Bios as a new way to engage and convert fans into paying customers….

Here are some recent ShoutOmafic Activations: