Norm Levy’s Media Street Sells “Professional Ink Jet” Unit

Media Street, the innovator and early developer of a matched INKJET Ink & Paper combination for allowing for long lasting digital prints, with its acclaimed and award-winning Generations Ink & Media, has successfully sold its INKJET business after 10 years of triumphant success to “Ink2Image”. The terms of the sale have not been disclosed but part of the deal, for easy flow for customers and non-stop interuption, Ink2Image now runs the web site where Media Street brands of “Bulk Ink” and “Papers” can still be found.

“We are grateful to hand the ball off to a company that has the vision to take our brands and developments to new heights for the professional ‘digital print’ market, while we can now concentrate on new areas and new innovations for digital photography and digital music,” shares Norm Levy, president of the newly formed Media Street Group. “We worked long and hard to build a credible name and win many awards with our Generations Ink & Media while being able to serve thousands of customers in over 100 countries with needed digital print solutions. We are now finalizing the development of ground breaking technology that is sure to start off our new era as an electronics developer and manufacturer that ties consumer social content in ways never imagined before… as innovative and head turning as we did 10 years ago for the hard-copy, print market.”

To get a glimpse of how the new Media Street Group will be transforming the way digital photos are aggregated, organized and shared , please visit To see how digital photos are now being enjoyed, please visit

To learn how Media Street is bringing Physical Music Distribution back to Retail, please visit

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