Norm joins Jerusalem Biopharma Start-Up that is Disrupting, Solving and Reversing Diabetes

Norm joins a biopharmaceutical company based in Jerusalem that is developing a drug to treat and even prevent type 2 diabetes!  It has a patented, unique, proven, novel drug with 3 modes of action for treating Type 2 Diabetes.

Over 400m people in the world suffer from Type 2 diabetes (T2D)! The cells of peripheral tissues (e.g. muscles) in T2D patients develop resistance to insulin, the hormone that does the essential job of regulating blood sugar.

Medications are available today to treat the symptoms and complications of T2D, however, none of the existing medications solve the core problem of “insulin resistance”.

Our drug under development will be the first to restore cellular sensitivity to insulin to near-normal levels, without side effects, and will be administered as a daily pill.

We are now raising funds for supplementary preclinical experiments (as approved and requested by FDA) and for clinical trials (P1 and P2a) and is in discussions with leading Pharma companies for licensing once these trials are completed.

Norm Joins Artificial Intelligence Company Founded by A.I. Pioneer Who Coined The Term ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ (AGI)

As the world’s foremost authority on conversational A.I. based on a cognitive architecture, or what DARPA calls ‘The Third Wave of AI’, Peter Voss has been working with his team of A.I. Psychologists for more than 15 years to develop, commercialize, and perfect this technology.

The first generation of Aigo technology has been successfully commercialized for more than 10 years through SmartAction, while the second generation is now being aggressively commercialized via Aigo.AI.

Norm joins Aigo.AI as Sales Consultant, introducing an adaptive, contextual, conversational Artificial Intelligence based on cognitive architecture.  It remembers what is said, and it constantly learns; it’s so much more intuitive and intelligent than current chatbots (ML/DL), virtual assistants, Siri, Alexa, etc.

  • Aigo is the most advanced Natural Language Interaction platform.
  • Aigo is a generic intelligence engine – it is domain agnostic.
  • Aigo is software – it is hardware agnostic.
  • Aigo is multi-modal – Talk, Text, or Touch.
  • Aigo increases stickiness, loyalty, and user adoption by creating engaging customer experiences.
  • Aigo’s Brain scales from 10 users to 100 million users

Aigo is built on a mind-like integrated cognitive architecture. This is radically different from the other current chatbots and so-called ‘personal assistants’ and puts Aigo ‘Light Years’ ahead.

Aigo’s human-like cognition allows it to:

  • Remember what was said and utilize this in future conversations
  • Understand context and complex sentences
  • Use Reasoning to disambiguate and answer questions
  • Learn new facts and skills interactively, in real-time
  • Have ongoing, meaningful conversations
  • Hyper-personalize experiences based on user’s history, preferences and goals