Norm joins Jerusalem Biopharma Start-Up that is Disrupting, Solving and Reversing Diabetes

Norm joins a biopharmaceutical company based in Jerusalem that is developing a drug to treat and even prevent type 2 diabetes!  It has a patented, unique, proven, novel drug with 3 modes of action for treating Type 2 Diabetes.

Over 400m people in the world suffer from Type 2 diabetes (T2D)! The cells of peripheral tissues (e.g. muscles) in T2D patients develop resistance to insulin, the hormone that does the essential job of regulating blood sugar.

Medications are available today to treat the symptoms and complications of T2D, however, none of the existing medications solve the core problem of “insulin resistance”.

Our drug under development will be the first to restore cellular sensitivity to insulin to near-normal levels, without side effects, and will be administered as a daily pill.

We are now raising funds for supplementary preclinical experiments (as approved and requested by FDA) and for clinical trials (P1 and P2a) and is in discussions with leading Pharma companies for licensing once these trials are completed.

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