Norm Joins Soter Technologies as Special Business Consultant

For venues considering health checks as part of their enhanced security measures for when we can FINALLY open back up for business!

I have been helping an amazing Long Island tech company whose claim-to-fame has been a VAPE detection device that most high schools in America utilize in their bathrooms in effort to deter kids from vaping.

They have recently developed a Medical Evaluation “Gateway” providing a fast, non-contact ability to determine an individual’s Body Temperature + Elevated Heart Rate + Chest Congestion + Shortness of Breath + Oxygen Level.  These are known to be the key symptoms that medical doctors look at in helping to determine if someone is suffering from a serious virus.

The form-factor and experience of the SymptomSense™ Medical Evaluation Gateway are similar to how TSA personnel screen people for not-permitted items at U.S. airport security checkpoints for ~20 years.

  • Having this information allows Retailers / Offices / Restaurants / Theaters / Hotels / Casinos / Stadiums/Arenas / Malls / Theme Parks’ security to quickly screen people prior to entering a facility.  So, your security team has increased situational awareness for current & predicted instances.
  • This helps to lower risk and provide management, employees, and visitors with a sense of increased reassurance.  We need this and more to calm our collective nerves right about now in dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Besides determining if a person entering your property is sick, there is also a metal detector embedded into the device so security will be alerted of they may be carrying a knife or a gun.

The feedback we are receiving from State and Federal authorities allow us to conclude that having a device like SymptomSense™ placed at entrances of any building or facility will be part of the new-normal.  A way to help lower risk & be an accelerant to recover business operations.

Feel free to ask me for more information!

By the way, the name Soter comes from the Greek god of protection.


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