Current Projects:

Business Consultant for AtmosAir

Our bi-polar ionization solution ensures Covid-19, as well as other pathogens and odors, are continuously neutralized and deactivated from your indoor air and exposed surfaces (tested and verified at 99.92% by Microchem Labs).

AtmosAir technology easily integrates into your existing HVAC system and ensures all airflow passes across its patented bipolar ionization tubes to energize the air with positive and negative ions throughout all of the spaces served by the HVAC duct system, effectively and continuously sanitizes contaminants as it encounters them.

One of Norm’s initial accomplishments with AtmosAir was to get their solutions to become an integral part of McDonald’s HVAC COVID-19 Global Guidance.

Business Consultant for On the Spot Ads:

Just when you thought that every inch and every piece of real estate has been exploited for advertising purposes, along comes On the Spot Ads, who has cleverly targeted the white line spaces of parking lots for a new form of ground-based location-relevant advertising.

Senior Advisor, Strategy & Alliances for Sports Engineering Inc.

Our purpose is to transform performance footwear by shaping, redistributing, and managing horizontal shear and rotational force.  Our patented technology limits the horizontal shear forces within the foundation of the shoe, to improve performance and protect the athlete. Chronic injury may result from overuse and fatigue resulting in poor or changing biomechanics. We believe a byproduct of our SmartSpring suite will help to reduce fatigue and allow consistent biomechanics, thereby mitigating ankle and knee injuries.

Business Consultant for SupraCam:

Supracam is a point to point, cable camera system that provides aerial camera shots for broadcast sports and entertainment events. The Supracam system consists of everything needed to set up aerial camera shots from small indoor events to stadiums and even between buildings in a downtown setting.

We are currently at the US Tennis Open doing the amazing aerial shots:
The long-run two-point system over the grounds again (a little longer and higher than last year) and our four-point system over the court inside Armstrong stadium.