It’s Difficult to Stop the Spread, But…

We can DRAMATICALLY reduce human susceptibility and minimize symptom severity!

How? Two very simple, effective and easy steps:

  1. Keep your nose, throat and lungs HYDRATED. The healthier your mucous membrane barrier is (the Glycans that acts as a fortress protecting your cells), the COVID-19 virus proteins will be carried out of your airways via your mucous rather than latching on to your cells and multiplying.
    1. If you are NOT well hydrated and the INDOOR air is DRY due to your HEAT being on in the fall and winter months, your Glycans get dehydrated and full of holes (akin to the dragon breathing fire at the fortress walls in Game of Thrones, breaking them down). If dehydrated, the virus proteins therefore can invade, latch on and multiply!

  2. Do NOT be deficient in your Vitamin D levels! The majority of patients that have died with active COVID-19, were DEFICIENT in VITAMIN D!
    1. The darker your skin, the more prone you are, inherently, to be Vitamin D deficient!

Are you wondering why MOST of the NFL players that have tested positive for COVID-19 show little to no symptoms and are rid of the virus within a few days? It is most likely DUE to the fact that they are healthy and keeping their internals well-hydrated and in turn, their symptoms are MINIMAL if ANY!

This is also why the majority of people that contracted the virus during the summer months had relatively minor and negligible symptoms, very low mortality rate; due to the HUMIDITY indoors and the summer sun offering the needed Vitamin D!

With the winter wave of COVID-19 beginning to hit the world (due to its inherent dryness in the air), this is a very good time to tell everyone you care about to simply hydrate and keep up with the proper Vitamin D levels!

A paper, led by Gordan Lauc, PhD, on humidity and COVID-19 severity is finishing review and should be published soon (preprint is here

Gordan Lauc, PhD; one of the leading researchers and voices of Glyconomics. If you have an interest in interviewing or speaking with Gordan, please let me know?

  • Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Zagreb
  • Director of the National Centre of Excellence in Personalised Healthcare
  • Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh Honorary Professor of the Kings College London
  • Member of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars Co-Director of the Human Glycome Project

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