Norm Joins Blackmudd Productions as Project Consultant for TV Series

I am helping an amazing, experienced Team raise the funds they need to shoot a 1-hour pilot of their series Blackwater Blues.  We are looking for significant attachments on the director and actor side.

During this COVID-19 crisis, while many production crews are laying people off and postponing shoots, we have 12 episodes prepared and lined up.  Mississippi Film and State, banking, Production infrastructure and COVID preparedness have all been established and we are ready to go. The Pilot can be delivered by the end of February and a full series in 3 months.  

Personally, I fell in love with the script as well as the characters. What also makes this project unique is the added stylization of live-action to comic book scene outros, giving an added dimension to the project without having to move fully into the animation costs; a recent example with rave reviews is seen with “The Blacklist”.

Two Ex-Con Brothers become unlikely HEROES in a Mississippi small town with BIG SECRETS. The ever-mysterious plot twists in Blackwater Blues consistently reveals more questions than answers, but in a way that is both captivating and entertaining.   

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