Virtual Reality: Capture*Manage*Distribution

Norm helped Nokia Technologies to successfully launch their $60,000 Professional Virtual Reality Camera and sold the OZO Camera to all entertainment verticals including Music, Sports, News, TV & Film.

Norm was also integral at helping Nokia to launch their “OZO Live” platform that allowed captured content to be broadcasted live and distributed to the platform of choice for the content owner; Oculus, Gear VR, Playstation PSVR, Facebook, Youtube, Cardboard, etc

Norm’s unique strengths in VR:

  • Incredible network of VR producers and production houses in all verticals from Sports, Music, News Journalism, TV, Film, OTT, Politics, Education, Government, Medicine, etc.
  • Experience and vast knowledge of the entire VR Workflow
  • Extreme understanding of all the Capture devices in the market and coming to market
  • Extreme understanding of all the Distribution/Consumption platforms in the market and coming to market