Message from Norm / ShoutOmatic Update

Thank you for being an important part of the “ShoutOmatic” revolution!
Your authentic actual Voice is heard in Twitter, Facebook, blogs and on anything printed with your very own Shout QR Code!

New “Shout” Features that just went live:

  • You can now add a Video with each “Shout”
  • When someone Follows you on ShoutOmatic they can opt to receive each of your Voice Shouts instantly on their Cell phone via SMS or email!
  • When you Follow someone on ShoutOmatic you can now opt to receive their Voice Shouts instantly on your Cell phone via SMS or email.
  • You can now type a LOT longer Shout text titles!  You get 255 characters now to say what you need to say! (Tweet Longer:-)
  • You have your very own “Shout QR Code”.  The 2D bar code never changes, but every time you “Shout” it updates automatically to your newest Voice Message!  Print your “Shout QR Code” on ANYTHING; business cards, flyers, t-shirts, bobble-heads, chocolate bars, posters, tomb-stones:-)  … anything!

Incredibly COOL & UNIQUE Holiday Idea!  Personalized Voice Greeting Cards for all of your Gift Giving!

1. Create a “Shout” as a personal greeting card with the sentiments appropriate for who you are giving the Gift to:
“Hey Norm, I got you this new electric razor so maybe you can finally start shaving on a daily.  Happy Holidays Norm~  Love Ya”

2. After you create the “Shout” you will find its very own QR code under the Shout.
  • Print it
  • Tape it on to the appropriate Gift
  • Put under tree, or by menorah
  • Enjoy the smiles you have created
Please let me know how we can make ShoutOmatic a better experience for you?
Thank you!
Norm Levy
normlevy @

Imagine Being Able to Hear a Voice Message via SMS or Email

When you “Follow” someone in ShoutOmatic, their “Shouts” will appear in your Home stream so you can hear their latest Shouts!

When you press the “Follow” button in a users’ profile you now get 2 new options:

1. If you press the “Cell Phone” icon you will receive a SMS Text message to your cell phone notifying you that the user has just posted a new Shout for you to hear:  You will be able to hear that “Shout” right from your cell phone.  Of course, in order to use this feature, you will need to link your cell# in your account settings of ShoutOmatic.

2. If you press the “eMail” icon you will receive an eMail notifying you that the user has just posted a new Shout for you to hear:  You will be able to hear that “Shout” when you click the Shout link.