Celebrities Send Shout-Outs, Audible Tweets

Bo Bice
by Laurie Sullivan, MediaPost

If Norm Levy has his way, marketers will start sending shout-outs right out loud to Facebook Fans and Twitter followers. Rather than a 140-character text message, Shoutomatic’s founder recently launched a product he describes as “a 30-second audible tweet.” The apps lets people personalize audio messages to send in emails or embed on Web pages, Facebook status updates or Google Buzz and Twitter streams. The app, Shoutomatic, lets people play the recording over and over again.

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VentureBeat Features Norm’s NEW “ShoutOmatic”

Shoutomatic could sell you a personal shout-out from 50 Cent

Give it up. When was the last time your shout-out was actually a shout-out? You tweeted it, or you put it in your Facebook status, or you Foursquared it, right? Well, there’s a new service in town called Shoutomatic that is bringing the noise back for those needing to represent. And, in addition to your friends, you could get a personal shout out from your favorite artist.

Long Island, N.Y.-based ShoutOmatic describes its product as “audible-tweets.”

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