Norm as Guest Lecturer at Stony Brook University Business School

It was so much fun speaking to a Social Media class at Stony Brook University’s acclaimed Business School this week. In preparation for my lecture and interaction with the kids, I asked for current and relevant motivational words from my favorite mentors, the Co-Father of the Internet Vint Cerf and Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg.

I started the lecture with this personal message from Vint Cerf to the Class of about 65 Undergraduate Students:

Dear Norm,

This is an interesting time to be involved in further Internet evolution and application. Smart phones and social media are joined by the incipient Internet of Things to become a new infrastructure for the 21st Century. Software has always been an endless frontier and now it has an equally spacious platform on which to grow and evolve. I envy the young people just beginning their exploration of the Internet’s possibilities. And I can hardly wait to see what they will imagine and create as the next decades unfold.


After I read the class these incredible words from Vint Cerf, I then told them I had Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO) answer a question for me that I knew the class was going to ask

Norm’s question to Sheryl:   If I build “the next thing” start-up, would Facebook be most keen at looking at us with 30,000,000+ users (but no revenue in mind) or with less users but growing revenue?

Sheryl’s Answer to Norm:  Norm, feel free to share with the class that, typically, the pattern is to focus on users first and then revenue.

After these opening messages to the class from Vint Cerf and Sheryl Sandberg, we spent the next 1.5 hours discussing how we were going to conquer the world!

Thank you for the opportunity to present to your class, Dr. Ethan Pew!  I really enjoyed it and I share in Vint’s excitement and enthusiasm for what lies ahead!

ShoutOmatic Brings “Voice” from your TV screen to your Smartphone

ShoutOmatic is the first of its kind “Voice” overlay for social networks, web sites, blogs and anything “printed”.  Today, add TV screens to the list for bringing “Voice Messages” to life!

Inspired by working close with Mark Cuban’s AXS.TV channel, ShoutOmatic wanted to simplify the mechanism of bringing current and relevant Voice Messages to life on a TV viewers smart phone. While watching a live broadcast on AXSTV, you can now enjoy commentary and behind the scenes stories from the Artists’ actual Voice delivered right to your phone.















Go ahead, give it a try!  Text AXS to 917-SHOUT-55 and you will get texted back AXSTV’s most current “Shout”.

(If you do not have a smartphone, you can simply dial the 917-746-8855 number and hear the latest Shout)

After you hear the “Shout”, you will notice another very powerful ShoutOmatic feature. The “Shout” automatically opens to ANY URL that the Brand or Band wants you to go to;  iTunes store, venue page, merch store, Youtube channel, Facebook Page, coupon page, etc

If interested in creating a powerful 2nd Screen Experience for your viewers and turning “on” your Text-In functionality on ShoutOmatic, please email 

ShoutOmatic Granted Trademark for the word “Shout”

Re: U.S. Service Mark Registration N0. 4,228,536

Our File No.: F5619­00003

Dear Norm:

I am pleased to advise you that We have received the U.S. Certificate of Registration No.
4,228,536 for the above-identified trademark on the Principal Register. The enclosed Certificate
has been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the “PTO”) in the name of
Shoutomatic, LLC and bears the registration date of October 23, 2012. This registration covers
the following services:

Provision of audible messages via e-mail, cellular phone, Wireless device, and Internet;
electronic, electric and digital transmission of audible messages to engage in social networking,
in International Class 38.

The Certificate is an important document and constitutes prima facie evidence in court of
Shoutomatic, LLC’s exclusive right to use the mark in the U.S. in connection with the above-
listed services. The original Certiŕicate of Registration should be tiled in a safe place with other
important corporate documents. We have retained a copy only for our files.

The registration ofthe trademark with the PTO gives Shoutomatic, LLC the right to affix
the symbol the Words “Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,” or “Reg U.S. Pat.
& TM. Off.” to the mark when using itin connection with the above-listed services in the U.S.

In order that this registration will not lapse at the end of six years, an afñdavit of use
must be filed in the Patent and Trademark Office by October 23, 2018. Also, in order to benefit
from the incontestability provisions of the Act of 1946, an affidavit may be tiled at the end of
any period of five consecutive years’ use after the grant of registration. Unless renewed, the
registration will expire on October 23, 2022. The PTO does not send out notices for these ñling
dates. However, we have noted these dates in our files and databases.