Norm Pivot’s ShoutOmatic and Gains New-Found Traction & Revenue

In addition to allowing Artists’ Voice Messages to heard across all social networks, web sites and blogs, and bringing their Message to life on anything offline such as their Merchandise, etc, I offer Social Media Phone Numbers for Artists to give out to their Fans as if it were their own cell number!

When Fans call (or text) the Artists Number they hear the latest Voice Message and the Fan can “reply” (sing, vote, etc) in their own Voice.

After the Fan hangs up the phone, they can receive an automatic Text Message from the Artists’ Number with any “call-to-action” , free bonus content or sponsored content!

We collect the Fans cell data on behalf of the Artist for any “outgoing” campaigns they may want to do later (outgoing texts and/or calls with a pre-recorded message).

And, at any given time, we can “Forward” the Hotline incoming calls to the Artists real Cell phone if they ever want to ANSWER Fans calls in Real Time (for special social Q & As, Live Events, etc)

Artists are even putting their Hotline Numbers in their Social Media Bios as a new way to engage and convert fans into paying customers….

Here are some recent ShoutOmafic Activations:

Norm as Guest Lecturer at Stony Brook University Business School

It was so much fun speaking to a Social Media class at Stony Brook University’s acclaimed Business School this week. In preparation for my lecture and interaction with the kids, I asked for current and relevant motivational words from my favorite mentors, the Co-Father of the Internet Vint Cerf and Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg.

I started the lecture with this personal message from Vint Cerf to the Class of about 65 Undergraduate Students:

Dear Norm,

This is an interesting time to be involved in further Internet evolution and application. Smart phones and social media are joined by the incipient Internet of Things to become a new infrastructure for the 21st Century. Software has always been an endless frontier and now it has an equally spacious platform on which to grow and evolve. I envy the young people just beginning their exploration of the Internet’s possibilities. And I can hardly wait to see what they will imagine and create as the next decades unfold.


After I read the class these incredible words from Vint Cerf, I then told them I had Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO) answer a question for me that I knew the class was going to ask

Norm’s question to Sheryl:   If I build “the next thing” start-up, would Facebook be most keen at looking at us with 30,000,000+ users (but no revenue in mind) or with less users but growing revenue?

Sheryl’s Answer to Norm:  Norm, feel free to share with the class that, typically, the pattern is to focus on users first and then revenue.

After these opening messages to the class from Vint Cerf and Sheryl Sandberg, we spent the next 1.5 hours discussing how we were going to conquer the world!

Thank you for the opportunity to present to your class, Dr. Ethan Pew!  I really enjoyed it and I share in Vint’s excitement and enthusiasm for what lies ahead!