Call-in Your Tweets and Make Social Networking History

“Hands Free Tweeting” is FINALLY Here!  Phrase coined by Vinny Guadagnino on Twitter!/VINNYGUADAGNINO/statuses/37663434803781632

Call in your Tweets  and Facebook status updates with your Cell Phone!

For the first time in social networking history, you can call in “Voice Tweets” (Shouts, as we like to call them) with your phone and they automatically post to your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Yes, you read that correctly!  You can call in your Shouts  using our variety of Shout Hot Line numbers and as soon as you hang-up, your audible Shout is automatically posted to your Twitter, Facebook and beyond!

Simply link the phone number that you will be calling in your Shouts from in your ShoutOmatic Settings and you are ready to start calling in your Shouts at any time, no matter where you are.

Just as a note of interest:  We actually developed the “phone in your Tweets” technology when we heard that certain governments, such as Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and China were shutting down Internet access to their citizens.  We have a separate hot line number 717-SHOUT-13 (001-717-746-8813) that allows anyone to call in their Voice Tweet messages and it automatically posts to Twitter at handle @PhonedIntweets for the entire world to HEAR.