Norm Joins CERCA as Business Advisor – Revolutionizing the way living, working and social spaces are built

Cerca creates spaces. Not just any spaces; sustainable spaces that are loved for their design, quality, functionality, and durability. We’ve identified that America simply cannot build fast enough. Supply chain issues, limited availability of skilled workers and rising costs of materials create tremendous challenges when it comes to timing, budgeting, and executing on traditional builds. 

We are disrupting the way we build by:

  • Breaking away from traditional stick-built construction by building offsite and eliminating waste
  • Arbitraging labor and capital overseas  
  • Building with a low carbon footprint that incurs savings they can pass on to customers
  • Exploiting their incredibly balanced and talented team each with their own area of expertise and specialty

Recent Wins:

  • CERCA signed Costco as their first major distribution partner and they’re rolling out to the initial stores next quarter and soon to begin a national roadshow with them. 
  • CERCA signed another agreement with the Global Green foundation and actor Brad Pitt to rebuild 105 homes in New Orleans’ 9th Ward district beginning later this year. 
  • CERCA signed a deal with actor Dennis Quaid to be featured on his new show “Viewpoint” which has an audience of 65M households.
  • CERCA is building a social space for Jamie Fox, and working on a new social space that incorporates a golf simulator… it is really cool!

Norm Joins Oort (formerly ComputeCoin) as Advisor; Build and scale applications on a decentralized cloud

The Web3 Data Infrastructure

Oort offers a suite of decentralized data solutions for the next billion Web3 users. So far, Oort has successfully launched a few business solutions that operate on its 27k+ geo-distributed decentralized infrastructure nodes around the world. The key features of web3 data infrastructure are “Privacy” and “Low Cost”.  The services in promotion now are given as follows:

  1. Web Hosting Service makes websites resilient to power outages, server crashes, data breaches and censorship, by hosting your websites (if they are on AWS/Google Cloud now) on a fully decentralized network. 
  2. NFT Photo and Video Storage Service stores off-chain NFT data (like metadata, images, and other assets). Users can securely store and easily manage NFT collections on a fully decentralized network
  3. Data Archiving Service enables permanent and immutable data storage that is at least 60% cheaper.

Norm Joins EAR Micro as Advisor

EAR Micro was founded by passionate artists who are also engineers, who spent 8 years developing the most advanced personal audio product in history–powered by a tiny microcomputer, all miniaturized to fit into a form-factor just barely the size of a marble.  It’s an “EAR computer”.  Along the way, they attracted some big name partners, like world-renowned Klipsch Group, Inc., and Swatch Group in Switz

erland, to participate in the T10 true luxury audio: in-ear computer project.
What can an ear computer do?  Get us closer to Panopticom?

  • Stream hi-definition 96/24 music without the need for a separate portable hi-res player.
  • Control the ear computer via patented multi-touch, voice commands, patented head movements, and (soon) patented non-verbal mouth movements.
  • Connect other internet-enabled devices (like lighting, home automation, other apps, etc.) to be controlled from the ear computer seamlessly.
  • Download hearables ‘apps’, to add functionality and new use cases; the company is releasing an SDK to outside developers so that the ear computer can constantly grow new features/functions via purpose-built hearables apps—similar to apps for a smart watch or smart phone.
  • Be connected as a MIDI controller—soon enabling musicians to interface with a DAW, or control effect chains, lighting, pyrotechnics, or other MIDI events just using their head and mouth, never taking their hands off their instruments,
  • To see images of EAR Micro/Klipsch T10

Norm Joins MIXD as Advisor

MIXD makes iconic, cassette replicas and premium vinyl records that unleash the ultimate artist-fan experience. Simply tap your mobile device to the collectible and, magically, the embedded technology does the rest. Ownership is ‘minted’ to the fan instantly, unlocking exclusive content, personalized messages, music, art, ticketing, NFTs and/or whatever the artist desires to offer or communicate at any given time.

In essence, it is limited-edition, personalized merchandise with utility; a collectible that creates an ongoing customized bond between artist and fan.  

The Perfect Use-Case for Blockchain Technology is Live Event Ticketing! The Only L1 Blockchain Specifically Built for Ticketing is by B.A.M!

B.A.M has built a blockchain specifically for tamper-proof ticketing, with ticketing logic built-in and handles the necessary throughput, speed, latency, security/privacy, etc.  We made integration so simple that your current ticket provider can seamlessly implement or we can handle the entire process.

If more than one ticketing provider handles your venue we offer the perfect solution as the ticketing clearing and settlement point.

  • For technical details, please email me for a presentation outlining our robust, well-thought-out and easy-to-integrate blockchain ticketing solution and for accompanying NFT collectibles.
  • It is what the younger Fans are interested in and attracted to

Our company has been focused on developing a blockchain specifically for ticketing for the last 4+ years. This has enabled us to provide NFT ticketing that not only meets the most stringent requirements for ticketing but also has significant advantages over traditional technologies due to its specialization in ticketing transactions:

  • Full control over secondary market + secondary market revenue
    • You are able to set a cap on resale prices
  • Payments in fiat currency or crypto
  • Know who is sitting in each seat even if one person buys the tickets for a group
  • Elimination of bots, scalpers, and black markets
  • Fan Engagement: By the very nature of the NFT ticket, it acts as a digital collectible for the fans of which you can offer added utility/access/perks
    • Communicate with the fans prior, during and after the event!
  • Plus, so easy to integrate into existing ticketing systems as our API and services do not need to learn “ticketing” as they already understand and speak “ticketing”  

Norm Levy is Executive Director for the U.S.A.

Norm Joins WingAcoustics as Advisor, Introducing Game-changing New Audio Technology

Norm introduces iconic/legendary artists, artist management teams and investors to new audio technology that is about to change the way the world hears music.  For the past 100+ years, most of the world’s audio devices generate sound using the fatally flawed cone driver.  

Introducing the revolutionary acousticWing®, which achieves what has been impossible until now

  • The World’s purest sound reproduction
  • You can finally hear all of the detail that has been masked by vibrating cone drivers.
  • Simple, rigid motor design, moves in a precise arc, mimicking a bird wing in flight
  • NO flexible diaphragm, NO rubbery surround,
  • NO uncontrollable shaking to pollute or distort your music

We aim to replace conventional cone loudspeakers with our revolutionary acousticWing® across vast tracts of global audio market verticals, including home audio, smart speakers, headphones, earphones, automotive and potentially mobile phones and televisions.

The acousticWing® is also the king of spatial sound – the industry’s latest buzz – achieving an incredibly wide dispersion field or ‘sweet spot’ compared to conventional cone speakers that are narrow and directional. Achieving the impossible, pure-fidelity audio, the acousticWing® separates instruments in even complex orchestral music, that reviewers and audio engineers have described as like being in the performance.

Speakers:The company’s hand-built test speakers achieved 5-star review in HiFi Choice magazine UK

The company’s headphone prototypes are being acclaimed as ‘World’s best sound’ by acoustic engineers and industry veterans.

  • Paddy Hill, Studio Manager, Roundhead Studios: “These are not prototypes, they are the best headphones in the world.”
  • John Groom, Audio Reviewer “You have provided a new paradigm — a redefinition of the high-end listening experience.”

With 15 patents granted, 25 more pending and Ex CEO of Beats by Dr. Dre, Susan Paley having joined the Board, the company is raising funds to:

  1. Launch the world’s first ‘pure-fidelity + ultra-deep bass’ audiophile headphone (Price $1,599 USD per pair)
  2. Launch Wing’s licensing program (there is already a growing interest from several global audio/consumer brands)

Wing Acoustics – Company & Tech Overview


Norm Joins immi as Advisor

So cool that I could play an integral role in getting Mark Cuban and Steve Aoki involved in this clever new Web3 start-up!


These success stories exemplify the vision, hard work and execution of amazing founders who know how to surround themselves with the greatest team, partners and investors!
Kudos to Josh Robbins and the immi team for all they have going on!

The Cutting Edge Mobile App Allows Users to Pilot Real-time Animated Characters Using Their Facial Expressions & Brings NFTs to Life in a Unique Way for the First Time Ever

immi, the only real-time animation platform making full-body 3D cinema-quality characters and facial tracking technology accessible to anyone, anywhere, officially launches today in the App Store and announces strategic investments from Paris Hilton‘s 11:11 Media, billionaire business leader and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, life and business strategist Tony Robbins, Zoom founder Eric Yuan, worldwide sensation Pitbull, Grammy-nominated artist Steve Aoki, and NFT investor GMoney. For the first time, casual creators will have the ability to make animated content using only their facial expressions, democratizing animation by allowing anyone to create fun feature film-quality clips that can be shared instantly and leading a new era of content creation. Additionally, immi exclusively offers select users the opportunity to bring their NFT’s to life in a way that has never been done before.

Norm Joins Aves Lair as Venture Partner

Aves Lair is an early-stage VC and seed-stage accelerator with a focus on investing in the new wave of technology. Nestled in the SoHo district of Manhattan, Aves Lair is a carefully crafted collaboration between Lair East and Nakamoto & Turing Labs. Together, the two companies strategically fused their unique and complementary qualities to create a potent, resource-filled environment that will empower startups and tech founders to organically scale their business by applying cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of A.I. and blockchain technology.

Aves Lair is dedicated to supporting and ushering in a new wave of blockchain & A.I. applications and founders with a focus on compliance, track record, and longevity. We provide a wide range of customized services to startups and entrepreneurs with investments, training, and a global network

Norm Joins Parallell, as an Advisor; The First Photorealistic 5D, Cinematic Metaverse

Welcome to Parallell, a cosmic playground of immersive wonders created by ZOAN, an award-winning virtual reality studio based in Finland. Today ZOAN is a leading VR studio working with companies such as Microsoft, Meta, and Nike Global. Parallell is a unique photorealistic and cinematic metaverse created with the latest technology of Unreal Engine 5. 

Parallell has a captivating storyline crafted by former storytellers from Warner Bros. Animation, Sony Pictures Entertainment and 20th Century Fox.

  • In February the team launched its inaugural private sale of 20 parcels of land, which sold out validating the quality and demand of, the first virtual world within Parallell’s Galaxy.
  • Parallell recently completed its second world, the first digital twin of Cerro-Tusa, a breathtaking resort seated at the base of the largest natural pyramid on earth, located in Venecia, Colombia, sitting on 33 hectares of land. 

The current phase of development is the space station “Utopium” a luxury resort, residence, and travel destination conveniently located in Parallell’s Metaverse that will offer gaming, shopping, and a rich entertainment experience. Utopium is the destination for ad agencies and major brands to bridge the virtual gap between 2-D e-commerce to hyper-personalized interactive commerce experience. This bridge helps launch brands into the future of advertising, branding and consumer engagement.

All of the Parallel worlds are connected via portals placed in random locations and are only accessible with digital passports (NFTS). How Parallell Differentiates:

  • Photorealistic quality through Unreal Engine 5
  • The connection between real-world location digital twins and the metaverse
  • Story-driven metaverse with an ever-expanding galaxy 
  • Built on blockchain and utilizes its own currency (LLELL Token) for all ecosystem transactions

Norm Joins SwanDAO as Advisor

Swan is a decentralized volatility arbitrage hedge fund that crowdsources trading strategies from the smartest people in the world. Traders compete with one another to build the best trading strategies to profit from crypto volatility.

Trading strategies are tested in “The Hatchery,” an incubator and set of development tools to build, challenge and deploy strategies. Once approved and tested with limited capital, these strategies are promoted to “Swan Lakes” where capital restrictions are lessened and the public can invest. Investors can browse the available Swan Lake trading strategies, compare performance, and select which they would like to invest in.

Profits from the Swan Lakes are paid to the trading model developers, lake investors, and the Swan treasury.

Traders will be compensated as a percentage of the profits of the Swan Lake that uses their models. Over time, superior performance will attract capital, greater capital will attract better traders, and better traders will develop even better models, thus perpetuating a flywheel that drives Swan’s success.