Norm Joins Artificial Intelligence Company Founded by A.I. Pioneer Who Coined The Term ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ (AGI)

As the world’s foremost authority on conversational A.I. based on a cognitive architecture, or what DARPA calls ‘The Third Wave of AI’, Peter Voss has been working with his team of A.I. Psychologists for more than 15 years to develop, commercialize, and perfect this technology.

The first generation of Aigo technology has been successfully commercialized for more than 10 years through SmartAction, while the second generation is now being aggressively commercialized via Aigo.AI.

Norm joins Aigo.AI as a Business and Sales Consultant, introducing an adaptive, contextual, conversational Artificial Intelligence based on cognitive architecture.  It remembers what is said, and it constantly learns; it’s so much more intuitive and intelligent than current chatbots (ML/DL), virtual assistants, Siri, Alexa, etc.

  • Aigo is the most advanced Natural Language Interaction platform.
  • Aigo is a generic intelligence engine – it is domain agnostic.
  • Aigo is software – it is hardware agnostic.
  • Aigo is multi-modal – Talk, Text, or Touch.
  • Aigo increases stickiness, loyalty, and user adoption by creating engaging customer experiences.
  • Aigo’s Brain scales from 10 users to 100 million users

Aigo is built on a mind-like integrated cognitive architecture. This is radically different from the other current chatbots and so-called ‘personal assistants’ and puts Aigo ‘Light Years’ ahead.

Aigo’s human-like cognition allows it to:

  • Remember what was said and utilize this in future conversations
  • Understand context and complex sentences
  • Use Reasoning to disambiguate and answer questions
  • Learn new facts and skills interactively, in real-time
  • Have ongoing, meaningful conversations
  • Hyper-personalize experiences based on user’s history, preferences and goals


Norm Joins Sports Engineering (SEI) as Senior Advisor, Strategy & Alliances

{UPDATED Friday, December 18, 2020}

   HSS logo - AAPA Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management       Sports Engineering

From Norm’s introduction and belief that this would be a “Match Made in Orthopedic Health Heaven”, the acclaimed Hospital for Special Surgery signs Letter of Intent (LOI) for close collaboration between HSS and Sports Engineering! Congratulations to both Teams!  We are on a mutual mission with the intent to collaborate in research, development, and commercialization efforts related to sports safety and injury reduction.

Sports Engineering’s purpose is to transform performance footwear by shaping, redistributing, and managing horizontal shear and rotational force.  Our patented technology limits the horizontal shear forces within the foundation of the shoe, to improve performance and protect the athlete. Chronic injury may result from overuse and fatigue resulting in poor or changing biomechanics. We believe a byproduct of our SmartSpring suite will help to reduce fatigue and allow consistent biomechanics, thereby mitigating ankle and knee injuries.


Norm Joins Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp as Business Consultant

Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp was founded by legendary agent turned producer and promoter, David Fishof over 20 years ago. 

The Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp is an interactive musical event, that takes place in various locations worldwide involving various Rock Stars on various dates.

Attendees play, write and record music in professional rehearsal and recording studios alongside those from the music industry, culminating in an event where attendees perform live on stage at a well-known venue. Participants are formed into bands, each with its own rock star mentor.

During this pandemic, David has pivoted the Camp to offer Fans front row seats to Artist’s Masterclasses, which offers incredible interactive engagement. 

These intimate, exclusive events are selling out and getting rave reviews from both the talent and participants. 

We have featured A list talent such as Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Roger Daltrey, Joe Elliott of Styx and Sebastian Bach as well as music industry leaders including Shep Gordon, Jason Flom and Eddie Kramer.  It’s basically a Q and A and some licks on some songs if you want.

Here’s the lineup of future and past events

During this Pandemic, Norm Pivots and helps Companies that Offer Safety Related Solutions

During this awful crisis the two areas that Norm is dedicating his time, effort, and valuable network toward is to prevent sick people from entering a property, with state-of-the-art health screening devices, and then, once healthy enough to enter, Norm offers indoor air purification solutions that mitigate the possibility of viral spread.

Norm has been successfully selling these solutions to hospitals, hotels, sports teams, restaurant chains, food service companies, nursing homes, distribution centers, offices, etc.

Examples of Norm’s recent success stories:

  • Was able to get air-purification / ionization technologies to be an integral part of McDonald’s Worldwide HVAC Global Guidance
  • Sold Health Screening Devices to:
    • Carolina Panthers
    • Houston Astros
    • Hospital for Special Surgery
    • Pilgrim’s Pride / JBS USA Food
    • 1800-Flowers
    • Many more in process….

Norm Joins Blackmudd Productions as Project Consultant for TV Series

I am helping an amazing, experienced Team raise the funds they need to shoot a 1-hour pilot of their series Blackwater Blues.  We are looking for significant attachments on the director and actor side.

During this COVID-19 crisis, while many production crews are laying people off and postponing shoots, we have 12 episodes prepared and lined up.  Mississippi Film and State, banking, Production infrastructure and COVID preparedness have all been established and we are ready to go. The Pilot can be delivered by the end of February and a full series in 3 months.  

Personally, I fell in love with the script as well as the characters. What also makes this project unique is the added stylization of live-action to comic book scene outros, giving an added dimension to the project without having to move fully into the animation costs; a recent example with rave reviews is seen with “The Blacklist”.

Two Ex-Con Brothers become unlikely HEROES in a Mississippi small town with BIG SECRETS. The ever-mysterious plot twists in Blackwater Blues consistently reveals more questions than answers, but in a way that is both captivating and entertaining.   

Norm Joins AtmosAir as Business Consultant

With Norm’s proactive nature, he was able to get AtmosAir solutions to become an integral part of McDonald’s HVAC COVID-19 Global Guidance.  

AtmosAir’s bi-polar ionization solution ensures Covid-19, as well as other pathogens and odors, are continuously neutralized and deactivated from your indoor air and exposed surfaces (tested and verified at 99.92% by Microchem Labs).

AtmosAir technology easily integrates into your existing HVAC system and ensures all airflow passes across its patented bipolar ionization tubes to energize the air with positive and negative ions throughout all of the spaces served by the HVAC duct system, effectively and continuously sanitizes contaminants as it encounters them.

Norm Joins Centurion VR as Strategic Advisor

Centurion VR is transforming the sport of cricket with its patented VR technology. Star India, the world’s leading broadcaster of cricket and a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is a major shareholder in Centurion VR.

Centurion’s ground-breaking virtual reality experience allows you to face bowling from some of the best cricketers in the world giving you the opportunity to hit them for a six or see if you will have your stumps rearranged. The system means users will be facing a virtual version of super quick yorkers and bouncers, or see the ball flying past their outside edge.

Centurion’s product has already proved to be a huge hit internationally, and with Centurion heading to the CPL this year, it means fans across the Caribbean can be closer to the action than ever before with the chance to enjoy the world’s best cricket batting simulation during this year’s tournament.

Norm Joins Supracam as Special Business/Sales Advisor

Supracam is comprised of a unique “cable camera” service, engineering and tech group that specializes in amazing live video shots for sporting events, music concerts and festivals from cables above:

Recent Projects include:

  • CBS Thursday Night Football
  • CBS Super Bowl 50 (Emmy Award)
  • NBC The Players Championship
  • NBC The US Open
  • ESPN NBA Draft
  • MBLAM Arizona Bowl
  • NBC Phoenix Open
  • NBC Ryder Cup
  • NFLN and ESPN NFL Draft
  • NFLN Super Bowl 50 Opening Night
  • NFLN Super Bowl LII (Emmy Award)
  • Taylor Swift – Red Music Video
  • Steve Miller Band Concert

Supracam’s technologies were used by James Cameron in the original Avatar (the movie) and are currently being deployed by the latest Avatar production team in New Zealand.

Norm sets up vGolf Demonstration with Justin Timberlake

Norm finds golf tech start-up vGolf the perfect match made in golf heaven and coordinates a demonstration for Justin Timberlake.

Justin puts on the Augmented Reality glasses and plays a fairway at Troon North Golf Club, using a real golf ball, showing off his flawless swing using his favorite driver, all performed in a hotel conference room.

If interested to learn more about vGolf, please email or call me.

One of the Most Needed Technologies of our Time, Sadly; Sensor Device that Detects Gun Powder, Ammunition, Explosives.

Norm assists team that has developed the first portable sensor device to detect gunpowder across distances and barriers. Our patented technology accurately detects the gunpowder that is found in the ammunition of modern handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

We are working tirelessly to convert our technology into a digitized notification workflow that will be easy and cost-effective to use in wearable devices, entry-ways as well as allow it to be integrated into existing security systems.

We have technology that we believe will dramatically enhance public safety at movie theaters, live music and sporting events, schools, hotels, restaurants, malls, office buildings, apartment buildings, homes, etc.
If interested in more information, please email me