Norm Pivot’s ShoutOmatic and Gains New-Found Traction & Revenue

In addition to allowing Artists’ Voice Messages to heard across all social networks, web sites and blogs, and bringing their Message to life on anything offline such as their Merchandise, etc, I offer Social Media Phone Numbers for Artists to give out to their Fans as if it were their own cell number!

When Fans call (or text) the Artists Number they hear the latest Voice Message and the Fan can “reply” (sing, vote, etc) in their own Voice.

After the Fan hangs up the phone, they can receive an automatic Text Message from the Artists’ Number with any “call-to-action” , free bonus content or sponsored content!

We collect the Fans cell data on behalf of the Artist for any “outgoing” campaigns they may want to do later (outgoing texts and/or calls with a pre-recorded message).

And, at any given time, we can “Forward” the Hotline incoming calls to the Artists real Cell phone if they ever want to ANSWER Fans calls in Real Time (for special social Q & As, Live Events, etc)

Artists are even putting their Hotline Numbers in their Social Media Bios as a new way to engage and convert fans into paying customers….

Here are some recent ShoutOmafic Activations:

Norm as Guest Lecturer at Stony Brook University Business School

It was so much fun speaking to a Social Media class at Stony Brook University’s acclaimed Business School this week. In preparation for my lecture and interaction with the kids, I asked for current and relevant motivational words from my favorite mentors, the Co-Father of the Internet Vint Cerf and Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg.

I started the lecture with this personal message from Vint Cerf to the Class of about 65 Undergraduate Students:

Dear Norm,

This is an interesting time to be involved in further Internet evolution and application. Smart phones and social media are joined by the incipient Internet of Things to become a new infrastructure for the 21st Century. Software has always been an endless frontier and now it has an equally spacious platform on which to grow and evolve. I envy the young people just beginning their exploration of the Internet’s possibilities. And I can hardly wait to see what they will imagine and create as the next decades unfold.


After I read the class these incredible words from Vint Cerf, I then told them I had Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO) answer a question for me that I knew the class was going to ask

Norm’s question to Sheryl:   If I build “the next thing” start-up, would Facebook be most keen at looking at us with 30,000,000+ users (but no revenue in mind) or with less users but growing revenue?

Sheryl’s Answer to Norm:  Norm, feel free to share with the class that, typically, the pattern is to focus on users first and then revenue.

After these opening messages to the class from Vint Cerf and Sheryl Sandberg, we spent the next 1.5 hours discussing how we were going to conquer the world!

Thank you for the opportunity to present to your class, Dr. Ethan Pew!  I really enjoyed it and I share in Vint’s excitement and enthusiasm for what lies ahead!

Tony Robbins uses ShoutOmatic for a clever Twitter Q&A where he Answers your Questions in his Voice!

Anthony “Tony” Robbins is an American life coach and self-help author. He became well known through his infomercials and self-help books, Unlimited PowerUnleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant Within.

This week, he has pioneered Twitter Q&A’s by allowing his Fans to ask him questions and then he answered them using his actual Voice using ShoutOmatic!  “Some questions just can’t be answered in a 140 characters” says Tony Robbins.

Norm’s Latest Technology: Social Media Phone Numbers

New technology developed by ShoutOmatic offers Artists, Celebrities, Personalities, Professional Athletes, Brands and Politicians their very own “Social Media Phone Number”!

When a Fan or Follower calls or texts the Number, they hear a current and relevant Voice Message (that can be updated any any time) and, at the Celebrities option, their Fans can “Reply” in Voice; for contests, voting, feedback, playlists, sing-backs, etc.

After the Fan hangs up the phone, they can automatically receive an SMS Text Message with any text, including a “call-to-action” link from the Celebrity.

The Celebrity can even use their “Social Media Phone Number” to make Outgoing Calls or Texts to  Fan cell numbers that called or texted their Number!

Here are some recent examples of Artists using their own “Social Media Phone Numbers” to engage in a most personal and authentic manner, while of course, helping them to sell more Music, Concert Tickets and Merchandise:

Go Head, Give ’em a Call to see how Fun and Powerful your own Shout Number can be!
(If you block your Caller ID, you will not receive the SMS Text Message back from the Artist)

  • The Fooo Conspiracy: Shout Number (469) 434-3666 or 469-434-FOOO
  • O-Town: Shout Number  (424) 201-0177
  • Jerrod Niemann: Shout Number (615) 645- 2899  or  (615) 645- BUZZ
  • Jonathan Jackson + Enation: Shout Number  (615) 933-2100
  • Gavin Degraw: Shout Number (260) 344-2846
  • AXS.TV: Shout Number for Live Events on TV screen (917) 746-8855
  • Matchbox Twenty: Shout Number  (612) 351-6220 or 612-351-MB20

If you would like more information or want your own Social Media Phone Number, please email

Transactions are Incoming & Outgoing Phone Minutes and Text Messages:

Package: Bundle Economy For the Phone Number and 1250 transactions: $50.00

Package: Bundle Value For the Phone Number and 6250 transactions: $150.00

Package: Bundle Standard For the Phone Number and 11250 transactions: $250.00

Package: Bundle Supreme For the Phone Number and 23750 transactions: $500.00

The Celebrity Negotiator


My first taste of getting Celebrities hired was when I was able to convince The Hard Rock Hotel Nightclub (Body English) in Vegas to put Legendary Hip Hop Icons Chuck D, Favor Flav & DMC (Run DMC) on a small stage in the middle of the dance floor.

That was my first deep understanding of the value Celebrities bring to corporate brands and events.

One of the main inspirations for developing the first of its kind Voice overlay for social media was to satisfy Fans insatiable cravings for authentic engagement with their favorite stars.

I built ShoutOmatic as a way for companies and brands that are paying Celebrity endorsers’ to Tweet about their products, to do so in “Voice” rather than in 140 characters of text, that most fans know is typed by an intern or agent handling the paid deal.

Creating a social media tool that allows fans to hear Celebrities Voices has allowed me to meet celebrities, athletes, personalities, comedians, politicians and incredible social influencers.

Suffice it to say, I am 1 or 2 degrees of separation from ANY celebrity that you would like to hire for Appearances, Endorsements, Campaigns and Social Shouts.

Feel free to put me to the test.

Please email me your Celebrity needs, exactly what you would require from them and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

One other talent I have in this regard, is assembling the perfect brand(s) to sponsor events, projects, parties, etc.

Here are some of my direct conduit relationships:

* Patrick Beverley, starting Point Guard for the Houston Rockets is now available!
  • Luke Babbitt – New Orleans Pelicans
  • Patrick Beverley- Houston Rockets
  • Andris Biedrins – Utah Jazz
  • Andrew Bogut – Golden State Warriors
  • Alec Brown – Phoenix Suns
  • Chase Budinger – Minnesota TWolves
  • Ian Clark – Utah Jazz
  • Darren Collison – Sacramento Kings
  • Mike Conley – Memphis Grizzlies
  • Brandon Davies – Philadelphia 76ers
  • Matthew Dellavadova – Cleveland Cavs
  • Goran Dragic – Phoenix Suns
  • Festus Ezeli – Golden State Warriors
  • Aaron Gordon – Orlando Magic
  • Danny Green – San Antonio Spurs
  • Chuck Hayes – Toronto Raptors
  • Jordan Hill – LA Lakers
  • John Jenkins – Atlanta Hawks
  • Amir Johnson – Toronto Raptors
  • Orlando Johnson – Sacramento Kings
  • Perry Jones – OKC Thunder
  • Ognjen Kuzmic – Golden State Warriors
  • Zach LaVine – Minnesota TWovles
  • Josh McRoberts – Miami Heat
  • Shabazz Muhammad – Minnesota TWolves
  • Steve Nash – LA Lakers
  • Joakim Noah – Chicago Bulls
  • Greg Oden – Miami Heat
  • Travis Outlaw – Sacramento Kings
  • Tayshaun Prince – Memphis Grizzlies
  • Andre Roberson – OKC Thunder
  • Thomas Robinson – Portland Trail Blazers
  • Rajon Rondo – Boston Celtics
  • Jeff Taylor – Charlotte Bobcats
  • Hasheem Thabeet – OKC Thunder
  • Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors
  • Nikola Vucevic – Orlando Magic
  • Andrew Wiggins – Cleveland Cavs
  • Yao Ming – Retired, Houston Rockets
  • Zendaya
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Lady Gaga
  • Trevor Jackson (Disney & Artist)
  • Dylan Riley Snyder (Disney)
  • RoShon Fegan (Disney Channel)
  • Kevin Hart
  • Mario Joyner (Comedian who tours with Jerry Seinfled)
  • Jeff Gordon (NASCAR)
  • Michael Vick (JETS)
  • STYX
  • The Outlaws
  • Collective Soul
  • Matchbox Twenty
  • Rob Thomas
  • The Vamps
  • Gavin DeGraw
  • Chuck D (Iconic Legend / Public Enemy)
  • Flavor Flav  (Iconic Legend / Public Enemy)
  • DMC (Iconic Legend / Run DMC)
  • MC Lyte (Iconic Legend)
  • Ice T
  • Coco
  • George Michael
  • Ryan Cabrera
  • Andy Dick
  • Iyaz
  • Bo Bice (American Idle)
  • Danny Bonaduce  🙂
  • Tommy Lee  (Motley Crue)
  • Tyrese Gibson (Movie Star)
  • Talib Kweli
  • DJ Clue
  • DJ Many
  • Lilian Garcia (WWE)
  • Dan Benson (Disney – Wizards of Waverly Place)
  • Scotty Nguyen (Poker Champ)
  • Vin Rock & Naughty By Nature (Hip Hop Legends)
  • Bernie Wagenblast – The Voice of NYC subway lines and NJ Transit

Any Celebrity from Disney and Nickelodeon

Any Performer and Music Artist



What’s Next: Voice Artificial Intelligence (Voice Creation, Cloning & Repository) with Secure Licensing & Distribution


2o minutes into the future…

For those who know me, it comes to no surprise that I like to design and develop things that you typically have never seen or heard of before.   As a refresher, here is a brief history (if interested).

I read an NPR article not long ago about how a professor was working with children with speech disorders.  It was so sad when she explained that children with no voice use text-to-speech synthesized “voices” that are derived from adult voices and with an extremely limited choice of male and a female voices. Imagine an 8 year old child who uses the voice of “Paul” a 30+ year old man.

I have been in the “Voice” business now for a few years building the first of its kind Voice overlay platform that allows your actual voice to be heard across all of your social media, web sites and blogs.  And, we also brought Voice messaging to life on anything offline.  As you can imagine we are building a vast collection of “Voice” data.

Shortly thereafter, I met with the Professor who was featured in the NPR article and I decided that one of my missions would be to develop a seamless and automated mechanism for healthy voices, from people of all ages and walks of life, to create a large collection of synthesized voices for children and adults with speech disorders.  The concept is simple, folks with speech disorders can have a choice of more appropriate “voices” that better resemble what they would naturally sound like if they were able to speak.

As Bob and I dive deeper into development, creating the ability to “Clone Voices” is an extremely incredible and powerful project.  Are you ready for some goose bumps and for the hairs to stick up on the back of your neck?

We are on the cusp of bleeding edge technology developing a system that will allow users to record their own voices, and over time, that person will be able to then use “text-to-speech” and the output will resemble that of their own Voice!  So, imagine for a moment, if you send a text or an email to your wife or girlfriend, it can be heard in YOUR voice rather than a Siri-like default voice.

Here are other things that we will be doing with this technology:

Mobile “Voice Ads”; Imagine a celebrity interacting with you and using your “Name” in the advertisement conversation.

We will create new revenue models for celebrities by licensing their synthesized Voice to:

  • Game developers
  • GPS voice choices
  • Smart-Home Appliances
  • Smartphone Virtual Assistants
  • Talking-Stickers for Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Viber, etc)
  • Mobile Voice Ads

Let me know if you have interest in having your Voice Cloned? We will need between 1 to 3 hours of spoken word audio from you (we will provide the text and the recording mechanism), and you must agree to donate your “synthesized voice” to our voice data bank for the speech disabled : -)

As we progress with Voice.AI (Voice Artificial Intelligence), Bob and I have some incredibly cool technology that we will bake into YOUR own “Cloned Voice”…. stay tuned…..2o minutes into the future…..


Rob Thomas uses his “Shout Number” & “Shout QR Code” to Raise Money

Rob Thomas just completed a 3 day Concert stint in Atlantic City for awareness and fund raising for his incredible “Sidewalk Angels”.

He deployed ShoutOmatic to Thank his Fans for supporting the organization and after you hear his Voice thanking you for any dollar amount you can offer, the Shout automatically opens to the PayPal Donation Page for “Sidewalk Angels”.


Brief Summary of the Power of ShoutOmatic

Here are the main Features of ShoutOmatic: Audio/Voice overlay for Social Media

Shouts can be created in the following ways:
· ShoutOmatic iPhone App
· ShoutOmatic Android App
· ShoutOmatic Facebook App
· You can call in a Shout from any phone
· You can email in a Voice Memo
· You can upload an audio file

Shouts can be heard:
· Within our Apps
· Desktop Browser
· Mobile Browser
· Embeddable Shout Player Widgets
· Brought to life on any “offline” items using our “Shout QR Codes”; ads, billboards, merchandise, posters, etc
· Create a 2nd Screen experience for TV viewers using “Shout QR Codes” and/or a “Shout Text-In Number”

After the Shout is “Heard”, it can automatically open to ANY URL

Each Shout can include:
· Text (up to 255 characters)
· Voice Audio (standard length 60 secs) but we can do anything you want
· Voice Audio + added audio (auto-appends any new audio file) So a Voice message is heard first then a jingle or a song. We can even append an outro sponsored audio such as “this Shout was brought to you by Old Spice”
· Location (pinned on Google Maps)
· Post Shout URL
· Photo or Video

Users can “re-record” over existing Shouts: This is an awesome feature that lets you re-do “mistakes” (because once links are posted and shared to social networks its impossible to retract) we let you “change” the Voice messages. And, a new Message may be more appropriate for a different “time”

You can change the “Post Shout URL” for each Shout any any time, on demand

You can edit each “Shout QR Code” destination URL at any time, on demand

You can schedule Shouts to post at a later date

You get METRICS/data: Every Shout will have metrics for you to analyze; where the Shout was listened (pinned on Google Maps), when the Shout was listened to and from what device listened with, or scanned from.

You can customize the background graphic for each ShoutOmatic Profile

You can put a Banner ad and Display Ad for each Profile and will use those ads to dynamically create each Shout detail page

Fan “Follow” Engagement:
Following a user puts their Shouts in your timeline
User have the option to Follow via SMS Text
Users have the option to Follow via email

Fans/Followers can “Shout-Back” in their own Voice, or in text to Any Shout

Each ShoutOmatic Profile can get their own “Text-In” Number so when a Fan/Follower texts that number, they instantly receive the latest Shout to their phone

Have access to a “personalities” profile to re-purpose the content to your own social real estate:
As long as Celeb/Host/Personality grants you permission, you can have access to each Shout content to share & post to your own networks, etc

We built a total work-flow to allow Shouts to be ordered by fans or brands; generic Shouts or custom/personalized Shouts.

Each ShoutOmatic Profile is all set-up to be submitted to iTunes for an official “Podcast”

PS: The United States Patent & Trademark Office granted us a Trademark for the word “Shout” and broadly defined it as any way to deliver an audio message via mobile device or internet for social networking purposes!


Best wishes,

Norm Levy

Matchbox Twenty deploys ShoutOmatic technology; Voice Messaging is brought to life on their Tour T-Shirts helping them to sell more concert tickets, merch and music.

Disney Music Group promotes Zendaya’s first solo track “Replay” with the use of ShoutOmatic:
RT @Zendaya Yay! Here it is, ONLY for my Zswaggers! You are First to Hear this! (Hear My #Shout + Photo)

Celebrities use ShoutOmatic’s Personal Shouts Feature as Rewards for their Kickstarter campaigns