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Facebook posts and Twitter status updates have forever changed the way in which products are marketed. And now that we have become accustomed to them, along comes a service like ShoutOmatic to disrupt everything again. This social platform lets businesses record short messages (“shouts”) straight from their desktops and smartphones, and have them instantly delivered to customers. These “shouts” last no longer than 30 seconds, and they can be used to promote just any kind of product.

In actuality “shouts” can also be used by musicians that want to market their latest records, and even by people who wish to say “happy birthday” in a way that is more personalized than a faceless email, or a flat e-card.

Still, the commercial side of ShoutOmatic is undoubtedly the one that will attract the most attention. “Shouts” are particularly suitable for the promotion of products since they all come with their very own QR codes, so that consumers will be given a direct link to what is being pitched, and a readier chance to experience it in real life. For Full Review & to VOTE+:

Letter from Norm Levy to the Growing Roster of ShoutOmatic Users:

Thank you for being a part of the ShoutOmatic excitement!

Shout (TM)
ShoutOmatic is being granted the trademark for the word “Shout” by the US Trademark office as defined;
“Audible messages via e-mail, cellular phone, wireless device, and Internet; electronic, electric, and digital transmission of audible messages to engage in social networking”

  • Each “Shout” automatically generates its own Shout QR Code (2D Bar Code).
    • Place the QR Code on “anything” and when scanned by a smartphone, your Shout will be “heard” INSTANTLY:
      • Business cards, flyers, brochures, presentations, chocolate bars, T-Shirts (any Apparel), TV, Web, envelopes, tombstones, Billboards, signage, magazine ads, posters, stickers,  any item that you want to bring to life, etc, etc.
  • You can now upload audio files (MP3, M4A, WAV, etc) as your “Shout”
    • Record “Voice Memos” from your Phone and upload it as your Shout (audible files compatible with most devices)
  • You can now do a “Voice Shout” and “merge a Song” (MP3, M4A, Wav, etc) to it and ShoutOmatic automatically creates one audio that plays in your twitter and facebook and is heard by all!
    • Artists can introduce a new Song and then merge a preview of that song (Fan hears Voice + Music and it spreads virally)
    • You can share your “Song of the Day”
    • Broadcast your podcast(s)
  • You can now post “Shouts” to your Twitter, Friends’ Twitter, your Facebook wall, a Friends Facebook wall, Pages and Groups, ALL at one time!
  • You can now “Schedule” Shouts to post at a later time
  • You can share ALL of your URL Links for everyone to see; social, photo, video, music, blogs, etc.
  • You can now order “Shouts” from Celebrities for “Voice Endorsement Shouts”
Variety of Ways to “Shout”:
Suggestion: Do a “Daily Shout” of a topic of your passion, that will educate or entertain or be of interest to your friends and followers.  And, we will try to get you a paying sponsor if this is of interest.
Do a “Daily” This Day In History, This Day in Rock, This Day in Hip-Hop. Give us a Daily Dose of inspiration.  Give us a Fresh Daily Recipe.  Joke of the Day.  Reviews.  Shame on You’s, etc.
Thank you for being on the ground floor of all of our excitement!
Norm Levy
Lead Shouter

ShoutOmatic Brings Voice, Sound & Clarity to Social Media

Each Shout now gets its own QR Code!  Scan it with your smartphone and the Voice message plays instantly!

From: Digital Music News: The Outrageous Logistics Behind a U2 Tour…

The Outrageous Logistics Behind a U2 Tour…

If you’re used to dragging amps between dive bars, this will seem outrageously colossal. But U2’s just-concluded 360° Tour is the largest ever in Live Nation history (and maybe beyond), and the company just shared a number of ridiculous stats with Digital Music News. For example…


110 Concerts
30 Countries.
7,100,000 Fans
$736 million in gross revenues.

The Logistics…

92,270 Meals fed to working staff and guests.
29,000 T-shirts given to local stagehands.
9,760 Guitar strings utilized.
400 Tons: weight of the fully loaded claw.
134 Crew members.
126 Truck drivers.
12 Bus drivers.

The Bizarre…

7,100 miles: approximate distance travelled by space station while talking with U2
320,000 fans in Mexico City alone.
53 Gigs attended by a single fan
33 Flemish-speaking crew members.
11 Babies born to crew
7 Astronauts attended
2 Crew weddings
1 Singer in surgery
1 World leader released from house arrest during tour

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