Norm Joins NFT Dream Team as Consultant Bringing Them in Front of Perfect Prospects in Music, Sports, TV and Film.

How We Differentiate?

  • We use a thoughtful, creative and strategic approach to NFTs
  • We offer the most environmentally friendly distribution of NFTs
  • Our platform allows fans to buy the ‘digital collectibles’ with their credit cards, as well as crypto

Most artists coming into the NFT space are doing so in an uninteresting manner. They are simply mixing art and music and selling them as NFTs with no real story behind them. This is where our team is different. We take a holistic approach to creating NFTs, starting with the story first. We want to create deep and engaging experiences so the fans can interact and take part in the story and get to know the artist in a whole new way. Because we can program NFTs to do anything we want, we have the ability to push the envelope and create experiences never before seen such as real-time NFT drops for concerts, exclusive access to live performances that can be sold or traded freely, fully-immersive 3D experiences, physical-backed NFTs and virtual backstage passes, digital merchandise tied to real-world items, and dynamic NFTs that evolve with the artist’s journey.