Norm Joins WingAcoustics as Advisor, Introducing Game-changing New Audio Technology

Norm introduces iconic/legendary artists, artist management teams and investors to new audio technology that is about to change the way the world hears music.  For the past 100+ years, most of the world’s audio devices generate sound using the fatally flawed cone driver.  

Introducing the revolutionary acousticWing®, which achieves what has been impossible until now

  • The World’s purest sound reproduction
  • You can finally hear all of the detail that has been masked by vibrating cone drivers.
  • Simple, rigid motor design, moves in a precise arc, mimicking a bird wing in flight
  • NO flexible diaphragm, NO rubbery surround,
  • NO uncontrollable shaking to pollute or distort your music

We aim to replace conventional cone loudspeakers with our revolutionary acousticWing® across vast tracts of global audio market verticals, including home audio, smart speakers, headphones, earphones, automotive and potentially mobile phones and televisions.

The acousticWing® is also the king of spatial sound – the industry’s latest buzz – achieving an incredibly wide dispersion field or ‘sweet spot’ compared to conventional cone speakers that are narrow and directional. Achieving the impossible, pure-fidelity audio, the acousticWing® separates instruments in even complex orchestral music, that reviewers and audio engineers have described as like being in the performance.

Speakers:The company’s hand-built test speakers achieved 5-star review in HiFi Choice magazine UK

The company’s headphone prototypes are being acclaimed as ‘World’s best sound’ by acoustic engineers and industry veterans.

  • Paddy Hill, Studio Manager, Roundhead Studios: “These are not prototypes, they are the best headphones in the world.”
  • John Groom, Audio Reviewer “You have provided a new paradigm — a redefinition of the high-end listening experience.”

With 15 patents granted, 25 more pending and Ex CEO of Beats by Dr. Dre, Susan Paley having joined the Board, the company is raising funds to:

  1. Launch the world’s first ‘pure-fidelity + ultra-deep bass’ audiophile headphone (Price $1,599 USD per pair)
  2. Launch Wing’s licensing program (there is already a growing interest from several global audio/consumer brands)

Wing Acoustics – Company & Tech Overview


Norm Joins immi as Advisor

So cool that I could play an integral role in getting Mark Cuban and Steve Aoki involved in this clever new Web3 start-up!


These success stories exemplify the vision, hard work and execution of amazing founders who know how to surround themselves with the greatest team, partners and investors!
Kudos to Josh Robbins and the immi team for all they have going on!

The Cutting Edge Mobile App Allows Users to Pilot Real-time Animated Characters Using Their Facial Expressions & Brings NFTs to Life in a Unique Way for the First Time Ever

immi, the only real-time animation platform making full-body 3D cinema-quality characters and facial tracking technology accessible to anyone, anywhere, officially launches today in the App Store and announces strategic investments from Paris Hilton‘s 11:11 Media, billionaire business leader and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, life and business strategist Tony Robbins, Zoom founder Eric Yuan, worldwide sensation Pitbull, Grammy-nominated artist Steve Aoki, and NFT investor GMoney. For the first time, casual creators will have the ability to make animated content using only their facial expressions, democratizing animation by allowing anyone to create fun feature film-quality clips that can be shared instantly and leading a new era of content creation. Additionally, immi exclusively offers select users the opportunity to bring their NFT’s to life in a way that has never been done before.