Norm Joins Oort (formerly ComputeCoin) as Advisor; Build and scale applications on a decentralized cloud

The Web3 Data Infrastructure

Oort offers a suite of decentralized data solutions for the next billion Web3 users. So far, Oort has successfully launched a few business solutions that operate on its 27k+ geo-distributed decentralized infrastructure nodes around the world. The key features of web3 data infrastructure are “Privacy” and “Low Cost”.  The services in promotion now are given as follows:

  1. Web Hosting Service makes websites resilient to power outages, server crashes, data breaches and censorship, by hosting your websites (if they are on AWS/Google Cloud now) on a fully decentralized network. 
  2. NFT Photo and Video Storage Service stores off-chain NFT data (like metadata, images, and other assets). Users can securely store and easily manage NFT collections on a fully decentralized network
  3. Data Archiving Service enables permanent and immutable data storage that is at least 60% cheaper.

Norm Joins urFeed as Consultant / TikTok meets Twitter Spaces in web3

urFeed is a web3 social platform that combines live video streaming and short-form video with an inbuilt token-based rewards system where creators and users earn ownership of the platform.

They assembled quite an Impressive team with deep experience in building social, community and web3 platforms.

Their current focus is onboarding Live Shows. They are working with Patrick Wagner (Ex-head of Creators from Rug Radio), Trust DAO (Solana’s #1 NFT marketing agency), and dGEN Network (web3 media house) to onboard creators and their audience.

In addition to iOS, Android and desktop, they have been asked by Solana Foundation to create a version for the Solana Mobile phone to be the main social app at the phone launch in Q1.

Their goal is to be the go-to video platform for web3 creators and the gateway for web2 creators & brands into web3.

Norm Joins EAR Micro as Advisor

EAR Micro was founded by passionate artists who are also engineers, who spent 8 years developing the most advanced personal audio product in history–powered by a tiny microcomputer, all miniaturized to fit into a form-factor just barely the size of a marble.  It’s an “EAR computer”.  Along the way, they attracted some big name partners, like world-renowned Klipsch Group, Inc., and Swatch Group in Switz

erland, to participate in the T10 true luxury audio: in-ear computer project.
What can an ear computer do?  Get us closer to Panopticom?

  • Stream hi-definition 96/24 music without the need for a separate portable hi-res player.
  • Control the ear computer via patented multi-touch, voice commands, patented head movements, and (soon) patented non-verbal mouth movements.
  • Connect other internet-enabled devices (like lighting, home automation, other apps, etc.) to be controlled from the ear computer seamlessly.
  • Download hearables ‘apps’, to add functionality and new use cases; the company is releasing an SDK to outside developers so that the ear computer can constantly grow new features/functions via purpose-built hearables apps—similar to apps for a smart watch or smart phone.
  • Be connected as a MIDI controller—soon enabling musicians to interface with a DAW, or control effect chains, lighting, pyrotechnics, or other MIDI events just using their head and mouth, never taking their hands off their instruments,
  • To see images of EAR Micro/Klipsch T10

Norm Joins MIXD as Advisor

MIXD makes iconic, cassette replicas and premium vinyl records that unleash the ultimate artist-fan experience. Simply tap your mobile device to the collectible and, magically, the embedded technology does the rest. Ownership is ‘minted’ to the fan instantly, unlocking exclusive content, personalized messages, music, art, ticketing, NFTs and/or whatever the artist desires to offer or communicate at any given time.

In essence, it is limited-edition, personalized merchandise with utility; a collectible that creates an ongoing customized bond between artist and fan.