I have a unique background working in all verticals and facets of entertainment; Music, Sports, TV & Film… and these days we can even call Politics entertainment.

I started my first company, Media Street, in the year 2000 where we manufactured digital ink & paper that we sold to professional photographers and Artists in over 100 countries.

During the height of our ink and paper sales I sought to displace and cannibalize our own products by developing the first of its kind Digital Photo Frames that we sold to top retailers and camera stores throughout the world.

Spending way too much time in China, I began to design and develop special MP3 players that would allow record labels to displace eroding CD sales by offering embedded albums on our MP3 Players

I built relationships with all record labels and I was fortunate enough to work direct with many legendary artists and bands. By the time social media came around, I was known as “Norm the Inventor” to the Artists I worked with and they asked for help getting their Fans to “believe” it was really them Tweeting and posting their Facebook updates rather then their publicists. This is when I created ShoutOmatic which became the defacto in Voice Status updates for Celebrities. Most major record labels still use ShoutOmatic today to dummy-proof the way Fans receive call-to-action links to BUY their music, concert tickets and merchandise.

Wanting to diversify and increase my network beyond music and sports, I consulted for Grumman Studios and helped them get their 8 incredible sound stages booked for TV and Major Motion Film Production. This was an invaluable education for me and I got to know amazing creative people from all major production houses; Marvel, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Disney, DC/Warner Bros, CBS, NBC, etc.

All of my contacts in Music, Sports, TV & Film began to ask me about the Virtual Reality workflow and that began my mission working for Nokia and helping them to successfully launch the world’s first Professional Virtual Reality Camera; OZO

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