Norm Joins vGolf as Business Advisor



vGolf is a patented mixed reality golf simulation and training system. It revolutionizes how golfers play and train by blending the real world with a virtual reality overlay.

Using augmented reality glasses and the latest in mixed reality technologies “Virtual Courses” enables you to play the top golf courses in the world, right from your own living room.


Norm asked to be on the Professional Advisory Committee – Interactive Computer Graphics Program

The Interactive Computer Graphics Program at Five Towns College has been developed to prepare young creative minds for high valued, sustainable industry careers as creative professionals.

The Professional Advisory Committee has been assembled of industry leaders and experts and will be instrumental at helping with:

    • Collaboration and networking
    • Mentorship
    • Curriculum development
    • Sponsorship
    • Forecasting industry needs
    • Establish an on-campus “Experience Lab”

To learn more about the program, please email me and/or tap this link:

Norm Joins Team to Bring Clean Energy and Pollutant Filters to Worldwide use

Norm helps a green-tech company that provides coal-derived solutions in collaboration with nature. While coal is perceived to be the largest source of dirty fuel, our scientists have proven that coal is the abundant low-cost biomass for (1) generating clean energy, (2) replenishing water, (3) increasing crop yields while re-nourishing the soil, (4) recycling military and industrial waste into fertilizer, and (5) reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We have harnessed the unique capabilities of microbes derived from wood-eating termite guts and which convert coals into gas and humic products from the plant originated organic matter in coals. Our Coal Biorefinery makes products from the total value chain of coals without producing any waste and we are ready to scale.  

Here are the products we produce from coal, within the same end-to-end workflow; with zero carbon emission:

Clean Fuels 
Derived from coal using a pre-combustion process for COsequestration and elimination of particulates, SO2 and NO2

Carbon Sequestration
Economical process for the sequestration of CO2 that generates a neutral to negative carbon footprint

Pollution Filter
Environmentally friendly solution for clean-up of heavy metals, radionuclides and other toxins

Organic-based Agriculture
• Increases yields of crops, vegetables and fruits
• Produces superior turf and deep roots
• Enhances uptake of fertilizers
• Replenishes depleted soils
• Promotes ecological balance

Norm Joins Team that Helps to Increase Vineyard, Legal Hemp and Cannabis Crop Yields up to 45-50%

Besides allowing food to grow on less land to feed our growing population, our new ag-biotechnology also increases cannabis crop yields by up to 50%!

Norm’s joins Team that is an agriculture biotechnology company commercializing its technology derived from and designed to grow food for astronauts in the harsh conditions of Space, with a significant value proposition for agricultural markets, including vertical farming here on Earth.  Their product is an ionic nutrient delivery system for agriculture. The Company conducted field trials on a variety of crops in the laboratory [NASA-Ames], space (International Space Station) and academic settings as well as in field applications with commercial growers.  These trials showed exceedingly positive results, resulting in a significant increase in yield, quality, and nutritional value in a variety of crops; including fruits, vegetables, plants, hemp, cannabis, etc.

Our product has been delivered to the International Space Station, three times, on Elon Musk’s SpaceX CRS-10 Dragon Cargo Mission where it successfully grows plants.

If interested in learning more please email Norm

Norm Joins Equity Sports Partners as a Special Projects Business Advisor

 Equity Sports Partners is a “global-boutique” sports and entertainment marketing agency featuring services across several key areas of the marketing and media landscape. Our client roster and business partners are comprised of best-in-class leagues, governing bodies, venues, teams, content producers and media companies.

Led by top industry executives, Equity Sports Partners is a leader in media & property representation, brand and business corporate consulting, venue naming rights, content distribution/programming and digital media services. We have an extensive track record of success in building assets by driving revenues, operational efficiencies and ultimately, asset value.

Norm Joins Snaptivity as Business Advisor

logo-darkAI-controlled robotic cameras used in an innovative way for teams and sponsors to interact with fans and be part of their live sport experience.

Snaptivity provides innovative and cutting edge solutions for venues and brands to ensure ongoing and meaningful relationships with their fan communities through fan engagement platform, sponsorship, social networks and live fan experiences.

With my vast network in sports, I will be a liaison between Snaptivity, prospective investors, strategic partners, brand sponsors, sports marketing agencies, sports teams and leagues.