Rob Thomas uses his “Shout Number” & “Shout QR Code” to Raise Money

Rob Thomas just completed a 3 day Concert stint in Atlantic City for awareness and fund raising for his incredible “Sidewalk Angels”.

He deployed ShoutOmatic to Thank his Fans for supporting the organization and after you hear his Voice thanking you for any dollar amount you can offer, the Shout automatically opens to the PayPal Donation Page for “Sidewalk Angels”.


Brief Summary of the Power of ShoutOmatic

Here are the main Features of ShoutOmatic: Audio/Voice overlay for Social Media

Shouts can be created in the following ways:
· ShoutOmatic iPhone App
· ShoutOmatic Android App
· ShoutOmatic Facebook App
· You can call in a Shout from any phone
· You can email in a Voice Memo
· You can upload an audio file

Shouts can be heard:
· Within our Apps
· Desktop Browser
· Mobile Browser
· Embeddable Shout Player Widgets
· Brought to life on any “offline” items using our “Shout QR Codes”; ads, billboards, merchandise, posters, etc
· Create a 2nd Screen experience for TV viewers using “Shout QR Codes” and/or a “Shout Text-In Number”

After the Shout is “Heard”, it can automatically open to ANY URL

Each Shout can include:
· Text (up to 255 characters)
· Voice Audio (standard length 60 secs) but we can do anything you want
· Voice Audio + added audio (auto-appends any new audio file) So a Voice message is heard first then a jingle or a song. We can even append an outro sponsored audio such as “this Shout was brought to you by Old Spice”
· Location (pinned on Google Maps)
· Post Shout URL
· Photo or Video

Users can “re-record” over existing Shouts: This is an awesome feature that lets you re-do “mistakes” (because once links are posted and shared to social networks its impossible to retract) we let you “change” the Voice messages. And, a new Message may be more appropriate for a different “time”

You can change the “Post Shout URL” for each Shout any any time, on demand

You can edit each “Shout QR Code” destination URL at any time, on demand

You can schedule Shouts to post at a later date

You get METRICS/data: Every Shout will have metrics for you to analyze; where the Shout was listened (pinned on Google Maps), when the Shout was listened to and from what device listened with, or scanned from.

You can customize the background graphic for each ShoutOmatic Profile

You can put a Banner ad and Display Ad for each Profile and will use those ads to dynamically create each Shout detail page

Fan “Follow” Engagement:
Following a user puts their Shouts in your timeline
User have the option to Follow via SMS Text
Users have the option to Follow via email

Fans/Followers can “Shout-Back” in their own Voice, or in text to Any Shout

Each ShoutOmatic Profile can get their own “Text-In” Number so when a Fan/Follower texts that number, they instantly receive the latest Shout to their phone

Have access to a “personalities” profile to re-purpose the content to your own social real estate:
As long as Celeb/Host/Personality grants you permission, you can have access to each Shout content to share & post to your own networks, etc

We built a total work-flow to allow Shouts to be ordered by fans or brands; generic Shouts or custom/personalized Shouts.

Each ShoutOmatic Profile is all set-up to be submitted to iTunes for an official “Podcast”

PS: The United States Patent & Trademark Office granted us a Trademark for the word “Shout” and broadly defined it as any way to deliver an audio message via mobile device or internet for social networking purposes!


Best wishes,

Norm Levy

Matchbox Twenty deploys ShoutOmatic technology; Voice Messaging is brought to life on their Tour T-Shirts helping them to sell more concert tickets, merch and music.

Disney Music Group promotes Zendaya’s first solo track “Replay” with the use of ShoutOmatic:
RT @Zendaya Yay! Here it is, ONLY for my Zswaggers! You are First to Hear this! (Hear My #Shout + Photo)

Celebrities use ShoutOmatic’s Personal Shouts Feature as Rewards for their Kickstarter campaigns

Call-in Your Tweets and Make Social Networking History

“Hands Free Tweeting” is FINALLY Here!  Phrase coined by Vinny Guadagnino on Twitter!/VINNYGUADAGNINO/statuses/37663434803781632

Call in your Tweets  and Facebook status updates with your Cell Phone!

For the first time in social networking history, you can call in “Voice Tweets” (Shouts, as we like to call them) with your phone and they automatically post to your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Yes, you read that correctly!  You can call in your Shouts  using our variety of Shout Hot Line numbers and as soon as you hang-up, your audible Shout is automatically posted to your Twitter, Facebook and beyond!

Simply link the phone number that you will be calling in your Shouts from in your ShoutOmatic Settings and you are ready to start calling in your Shouts at any time, no matter where you are.

Just as a note of interest:  We actually developed the “phone in your Tweets” technology when we heard that certain governments, such as Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and China were shutting down Internet access to their citizens.  We have a separate hot line number 717-SHOUT-13 (001-717-746-8813) that allows anyone to call in their Voice Tweet messages and it automatically posts to Twitter at handle @PhonedIntweets for the entire world to HEAR.