LifeGoRound – For the Ride of Your Life; In Photos, Videos and Tweets

LifeGoRound is a new-media “sharing” and “delivery” platform. LifeGoRound aggregates all of your online (Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Walmart, Youtube, Twitter) content as well as your offline photos and ALL of the content that you ADD to your LifeGoRound automatically appears on a LifeGoRound-compliant device, such as the new “eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame”, iPhone, mobile device, etc.

LifeGoRound is the solution for the age-old digital photography problem of how to allow everyone who snaps photos at a common event (such as the kids soccer games, or at the family Thanksgiving gathering) using different cameras, to ALL enjoy the photos taken. Simply create a “Group” in LifeGoRound and everyone can drag and drop photos onto the “Group” for ALL to enjoy! And, the “shared” photos also magically appear on our Frame:-)

Deer Park, NY (PRWEB) October 19th, 2009 –Media Street announces the development of a new-media “sharing”, “discovery” and “delivery” platform.  LifeGoRound is a unique social-media technology that takes sharing of digital content to a new and exciting level.  Any content that is added to a LifeGoRound account automatically appears on a LifeGoRound-compliant device, such as Media Street’s new “eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame.”


LifeGoRound members add content to their account by simply telling it where their online photos reside (Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Youtube, Twitter, Walmart, Snapfish, KodakGallery, etc), as well as their offline photos and LifeGoRound’s technology does the rest.  Anytime new photos are uploaded to a members’ social network their LifeGoRound automatically updates.


The fun begins when “friends” and “Family” are added to a members’ LifeGoRound account.   Sharing has never been this easy or intuitive! Simply drag and drop photos or albums on top of a friends’ or family members’ Profile Image.  The photos instantly appear on their LifeGoRound account under the sharers’ Profile Image.  It’s very clever and fun!  Even more exciting is that “shared” photos and albums also magically appear on LifeGoRound-compliant devices!  Photos that are not wanted to appear on a LifeGoRound device simply need to be unchecked within LifeGoRound.


LifeGoRound also answers the age-old digital photography problem as to how to allow all people that are at a common event, such as at the kids’ soccer game, or the Thanksgiving family gathering, to be able to share all of the photos taken by separate cameras. In LifeGoRound, simply set up or join a “Group” and everyone can drag and drop photos for the entire Group to enjoy!  “This is the feature that put LifeGoRound at center stage for me and my family.” Shares Rebecca Simon, one of LifeGoRound’s early members. “I drag and drop photos that I take at each of the games directly onto the “Jericho Thunder Soccer Team” Group so all of the other family members on our team can enjoy.”


“While your photos and videos as well as all of the shared content you receive from friends, family and Groups can be enjoyed 24/7 within the confines of the LifeGoRound playground itself, it sure is cool to be able to enjoy that same content on your Digital Photo Frame and portable devices,” shares Norm Levy, president of Media Street. “There is something special about viewing your social content off of a cold computer monitor, that is meant for spreadsheets and work, and bring them to life in a more cozy, comfy and social environment such as your living room, bedroom or coffee table.”


eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame:

The world’s first LifeGoRound-compliant device is the eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame.  Any content added to a LifeGoRound automatically appears on an eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame via its wireless connectivity to a home or office WiFi network.  Content shared with by friends and family, as well as by “Groups” participated in, also show up on the frame. 


“I am thrilled to be able to play my Facebook photo albums on my eMotion Social-Connect that is sitting in my front entrance foyer of my apartment,” shares Rebecca Simon.  “I blow my friends away with amazement every time they visit!”


With the eMotion Social-Connect members also get their very own e-mail address so they, their friends and their family can email photos directly to their Frame from anywhere in the world!  Not only can photos be enjoyed on the Frame directly streamed from a LifeGoRound account as well as from incoming emailed photos, but the eMotion Social-Connect also plays content from camera cards, USB drives and from the frames’ built-in internal memory.

The eMotion Social-Connect is available in a small, compact screen size of 3.5”, as well as in a large, hi-resolution 8” screen size surrounded by luxurious rich wood.

Retailers that offer the eMotion Social-Connect to its consumers has the ability to offer their social media marketing campaigns via the frames’ inherent social skills including Facebook pages, as well as their Twitter feeds.  Furthermore, retailers that offer photo printing or sharing services will be able to sustain and grow those services as they can be tied in to the consumers’ experience on the frame itself.

Premium Content Channels:

While LifeGoRound helps to organize, aggregate and share personal photos and videos, you can also search, discover, grab and shared “Premium Content” for your LifeGoRound experience.

There are Premium Content Channels available on http://Beyond.FM where you will find incredible; Photography, Music Videos, Music, Morphicals, Webisodes, RadioCasts & VideoCasts.

About Media Street & LifeGoRound:

We invite you for a test-drive of LifeGoRound using Facebook-connect (, or visit our blog (

To learn more about the Award-winning eMotion Frame line, please visit

Retailers interested in carrying the eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame, please email sales @

For digital frame manufacturers, portable media device and silicon chip developers interested in becoming a certified LifeGoRound-compliant device, please email development @ 


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