Media Street “Leaks” Black Friday Special on NEW Digital Frame Technology

Media Street “Leaks” Black Friday Special on NEW Digital Frame Technology

The world’s first LifeGoRound-compliant Digital Photo Frame plays your photos from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Twitter, etc!

eMotion Social-Connect Digital Photo Frame is the perfect gift to give to someone that you CONTINUOUSLY want to share photos with!

Using the new LifeGoRound platform (, simply drag and drop photos to friends, family and Group members.  The Photos are shared in real-time.   LifeGoRound also allows you to share photos with everyone at the Thanksgiving Gathering!  Everyone that snaps photos with their own camera simply drags and drops the photos that they took onto the “Family Group” that you can create in LifeGoRound so EVERYONE can enjoy the photos from all cameras!

LifeGoRound also allows you to add RSS Feeds to your profile so you can watch slideshows of your favorite Blog stories, Sports Feeds, Paparazzi Photos, News Stories, etc.

Black Friday Coupon Code “turkey” can be used from today until Sunday November 29th, 2009.  Enter “turkey” during the check out process to enjoy 25% off of the purchase price!

For detailed information about the eMotion Social-Connect and to place your order, please click here or go to:

eMotion Social-Connect is getting Rave Reviews!
“I set this frame up in a few minutes and was browsing my media a minute or so after that. I was able to feed a collection of almost all of my Facebook images to the frame immediately and, most important, I didn’t have to show my mom how to use it. This is, friends, high praise for a picture frame.”
– CrunchGear

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