Norm Levy and Team Launch ShoutOmatic: New Audible-Tweet Technology

Norm Levy launches an exciting free new service to allow anyone to audibly “Shout-Out” what is on their mind! While 140 characters of text is fine for a mono-tone, no emotion “readable” message, ShoutOmatic allows you to use your own voice, tonality and emotion to say what you want in an “audible” message.

The uses of ShoutOmatic are endless: here are just a few examples
– Anyone who wants to be “heard”, can simply Shout via ShoutOmatic and their voice will be posted for all to hear. The Shouts can be shared and heard on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blogs and beyond…
– Our brave service men and women can Shout to their loved ones back home that are craving to hear their voice
– Announcers can use ShoutOmatic to share their commentary
– Celebrities can use ShoutOmatic to bond closer with their Fans and share any information, at any given time; every day, every week, every month.
– Artists and Band Members can use ShoutOmatic to “Shout-Out” to their Fans about upcoming gigs, album drops, TV appearances, collaborations, charity events, etc etc.
– Use ShoutOmatic while you are traveling to “Shout” back home
>>> You can even Shout-Out from a WiFi enabled airplane from 30,000 feet in the sky!
– Use ShoutOmatic to share current events, sports events, new music discovery, and, well, just about anything you want to “say”.

All you need is a microphone or webcam connected to your computer or laptop to “Shout”.

ShoutOmatic is NOW available for everyone that wants their voice to be heard: Start Shouting NOW:

Artists and band members that would like their “Shout-Outs” to be streamed and featured on Beyond.FM, please let me know: email me.

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