ShoutOmatic iPhone APP is Live in the iTunes APP Store

I am so thrilled to share with you that our ShoutOmatic iPhone App is live and available for FREE and immediate download at the iTunes APP Store:

Here is the link for the ShoutOmatic iPhone APP: <<< Click on this from your iPhone

The ShoutOmatic iPhone App allows you to “Share” Voice / Text / Photo & Location all with one “Shout” to your Twitter and Facebook streams!

You now have a variety of ways to “Shout”:

ShoutOmatic in few words:
ShoutOmatic allows you to record and broadast “Audible Voice Status Updates” (Shouts) so your Voice can be heard in your Twitter and Facebook streams.

ShoutOmatic in a few more words:
Using ShoutOmatic adds authenticity, emotion and tonality that is not possible with 140 characters of text alone.

Best wishes for a Safe & Social Summer!

Norm Levy
Founder & Lead Shouter

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