From: Digital Music News: The Outrageous Logistics Behind a U2 Tour…

The Outrageous Logistics Behind a U2 Tour…

If you’re used to dragging amps between dive bars, this will seem outrageously colossal. But U2’s just-concluded 360° Tour is the largest ever in Live Nation history (and maybe beyond), and the company just shared a number of ridiculous stats with Digital Music News. For example…


110 Concerts
30 Countries.
7,100,000 Fans
$736 million in gross revenues.

The Logistics…

92,270 Meals fed to working staff and guests.
29,000 T-shirts given to local stagehands.
9,760 Guitar strings utilized.
400 Tons: weight of the fully loaded claw.
134 Crew members.
126 Truck drivers.
12 Bus drivers.

The Bizarre…

7,100 miles: approximate distance travelled by space station while talking with U2
320,000 fans in Mexico City alone.
53 Gigs attended by a single fan
33 Flemish-speaking crew members.
11 Babies born to crew
7 Astronauts attended
2 Crew weddings
1 Singer in surgery
1 World leader released from house arrest during tour

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