Mobile Marketer: Insight from Norm Levy

What marketers risk by not taking a mobile-first approach

By Rimma Kats
Marketers need to understand that mobile is no longer a nice-to-have and, while companies such as Gilt Groupe and Disney are seeing success thanks to their mobile-first approach, a majority of companies have yet to adopt the same mentality and are missing out on a big opportunity.

Creating a mobile-first powerhouse will separate the leaders from the followers. Although the medium is still relatively new, marketers need to move past the testing stages and think beyond what their competitors are doing.“

A mobile device is accessible and in everyone’s hands,” said Norm Levy, founder of ShoutOmatic. “Mobile offers the holy grail for advertisers allowing for a two-way dialogue with prospects and customers.

“The day of push advertising is old-school and mobile allows for pull in the most creative, fun, current and relevant manner possible,” he said. “Advertisers realize the need to be current and relevant in the eyes of their customers.

“Advertisers can be joined-at-the-hip with their prospects and customers if they exploit a mobile-first strategy.”   Norm Levy

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