ShoutOmatic has filed for Trademark on its clever “Shout QR Code” Border

We all know that “QR Codes” have become a ubiquitous phenomenon here in the United States. Those square 2-D bar codes are present everywhere; ads, billboards, bus stops, product packaging, etc

However, statistics show that there has been a new resistance for people to invest time and energy into getting out their phone, opening up a QR Code reader app and then scanning the 2D bar code.

Why the resistance? Bad past experiences. If you go through the time consuming motions of scanning a QR Code, you deserve a nice experience as the end result, not time wasted, and marketers to date, have not delivered!

Understanding this, ShoutOmatic cleverly created a new “experience” for the QR Code.  ShoutOmatic brings “Voice” messaging to life on anything “printed” and uses the ubiquitous QR Code to deliver the sound to a users smart phone.

To overcome the “resistance” aspect of scanning QR codes, they put a unique border around the 2D bar code with an “audio” symbol projecting out from the code.  This powerfully signifies that when you scan the “Shout QR Code” you will “hear” an audio Voice Message!

ShoutOmatics’ “Shout QR Codes” are being used by Artists’ to keep up to date with their fans with Voice messaging their Merchandise.  Brands are placing the “Shout QR Codes” on ads, billboards, product packaging and POP Displays!

When you see this “trademarked” border around a QR Code, please know that your time will not be wasted and that you will have an incredible experience when you scan it!

Every ShoutOmatic “user” gets their very own “Shout QR Code” that automatically, dynamically updates every time they “Shout”

Scan Me to Hear Me: Norm Levy's "Shout QR Code"



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