ShoutOmatic Brings “Voice” from your TV screen to your Smartphone

ShoutOmatic is the first of its kind “Voice” overlay for social networks, web sites, blogs and anything “printed”.  Today, add TV screens to the list for bringing “Voice Messages” to life!

Inspired by working close with Mark Cuban’s AXS.TV channel, ShoutOmatic wanted to simplify the mechanism of bringing current and relevant Voice Messages to life on a TV viewers smart phone. While watching a live broadcast on AXSTV, you can now enjoy commentary and behind the scenes stories from the Artists’ actual Voice delivered right to your phone.















Go ahead, give it a try!  Text AXS to 917-SHOUT-55 and you will get texted back AXSTV’s most current “Shout”.

(If you do not have a smartphone, you can simply dial the 917-746-8855 number and hear the latest Shout)

After you hear the “Shout”, you will notice another very powerful ShoutOmatic feature. The “Shout” automatically opens to ANY URL that the Brand or Band wants you to go to;  iTunes store, venue page, merch store, Youtube channel, Facebook Page, coupon page, etc

If interested in creating a powerful 2nd Screen Experience for your viewers and turning “on” your Text-In functionality on ShoutOmatic, please email 

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