What’s Next: Voice Artificial Intelligence (Voice Creation, Cloning & Repository) with Secure Licensing & Distribution


2o minutes into the future…

For those who know me, it comes to no surprise that I like to design and develop things that you typically have never seen or heard of before.   As a refresher, here is a brief history (if interested).

I read an NPR article not long ago about how a professor was working with children with speech disorders.  It was so sad when she explained that children with no voice use text-to-speech synthesized “voices” that are derived from adult voices and with an extremely limited choice of male and a female voices. Imagine an 8 year old child who uses the voice of “Paul” a 30+ year old man.

I have been in the “Voice” business now for a few years building the first of its kind Voice overlay platform that allows your actual voice to be heard across all of your social media, web sites and blogs.  And, we also brought Voice messaging to life on anything offline.  As you can imagine we are building a vast collection of “Voice” data.

Shortly thereafter, I met with the Professor who was featured in the NPR article and I decided that one of my missions would be to develop a seamless and automated mechanism for healthy voices, from people of all ages and walks of life, to create a large collection of synthesized voices for children and adults with speech disorders.  The concept is simple, folks with speech disorders can have a choice of more appropriate “voices” that better resemble what they would naturally sound like if they were able to speak.

As Bob and I dive deeper into development, creating the ability to “Clone Voices” is an extremely incredible and powerful project.  Are you ready for some goose bumps and for the hairs to stick up on the back of your neck?

We are on the cusp of bleeding edge technology developing a system that will allow users to record their own voices, and over time, that person will be able to then use “text-to-speech” and the output will resemble that of their own Voice!  So, imagine for a moment, if you send a text or an email to your wife or girlfriend, it can be heard in YOUR voice rather than a Siri-like default voice.

Here are other things that we will be doing with this technology:

Mobile “Voice Ads”; Imagine a celebrity interacting with you and using your “Name” in the advertisement conversation.

We will create new revenue models for celebrities by licensing their synthesized Voice to:

  • Game developers
  • GPS voice choices
  • Smart-Home Appliances
  • Smartphone Virtual Assistants
  • Talking-Stickers for Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Viber, etc)
  • Mobile Voice Ads

Let me know if you have interest in having your Voice Cloned? We will need between 1 to 3 hours of spoken word audio from you (we will provide the text and the recording mechanism), and you must agree to donate your “synthesized voice” to our voice data bank for the speech disabled : -)

As we progress with Voice.AI (Voice Artificial Intelligence), Bob and I have some incredibly cool technology that we will bake into YOUR own “Cloned Voice”…. stay tuned…..2o minutes into the future…..


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