Norm Pivot’s ShoutOmatic and Gains New-Found Traction & Revenue

In addition to allowing Artists’ Voice Messages to heard across all social networks, web sites and blogs, and bringing their Message to life on anything offline such as their Merchandise, etc, I offer Social Media Phone Numbers for Artists to give out to their Fans as if it were their own cell number!

When Fans call (or text) the Artists Number they hear the latest Voice Message and the Fan can “reply” (sing, vote, etc) in their own Voice.

After the Fan hangs up the phone, they can receive an automatic Text Message from the Artists’ Number with any “call-to-action” , free bonus content or sponsored content!

We collect the Fans cell data on behalf of the Artist for any “outgoing” campaigns they may want to do later (outgoing texts and/or calls with a pre-recorded message).

And, at any given time, we can “Forward” the Hotline incoming calls to the Artists real Cell phone if they ever want to ANSWER Fans calls in Real Time (for special social Q & As, Live Events, etc)

Artists are even putting their Hotline Numbers in their Social Media Bios as a new way to engage and convert fans into paying customers….

Here are some recent ShoutOmafic Activations:

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