Norm Joins Sports Engineering (SEI) as Senior Advisor, Strategy & Alliances

{UPDATED Friday, December 18, 2020}

         Sports Engineering

From Norm’s introduction and belief that this would be a “Match Made in Orthopedic Health Heaven”, the acclaimed Hospital for Special Surgery signs Letter of Intent (LOI) for close collaboration between HSS and Sports Engineering! Congratulations to both Teams!  We are on a mutual mission with the intent to collaborate in research, development, and commercialization efforts related to sports safety and injury reduction.

Sports Engineering’s purpose is to transform performance footwear by shaping, redistributing, and managing horizontal shear and rotational force.  Our patented technology limits the horizontal shear forces within the foundation of the shoe, to improve performance and protect the athlete. Chronic injury may result from overuse and fatigue resulting in poor or changing biomechanics. We believe a byproduct of our SmartSpring suite will help to reduce fatigue and allow consistent biomechanics, thereby mitigating ankle and knee injuries.


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