Norm Joins NFT Dream Team as Consultant Bringing Them in Front of Perfect Prospects in Music, Sports and Entertainment.

They are by far the most well-rounded team to effectively bring NFTs to market. They have won multiple awards, booked millions in NFTs sales, and are backed by some of the world’s most prolific investors including Mark Cuban. Not only do they have some of the best technologists in the space who’ve built successful applications like Blockfolio, but they have some of the best storytellers in the world from the likes of Marvel, Disney, and TMNT. They were one of the first to bring storytelling to the NFT space and are now focused on helping some of the biggest celebrities, musicians, and athletes come into the NFT space in a thoughtful way and provide new and engaging experiences to their fans, while earning the most money possible for the IP owners.

Most musicians coming into the NFT space are doing so in an uninteresting manner. They are simply mixing art and music and selling them as NFTs with no real story behind them. This is where our team is different. We take a holistic approach to creating NFTs, starting with the story first. We want to create deep and engaging experiences so the fans can interact and take part in the story and get to know the artist in a whole new way. Because we can program NFTs to do anything we want, we have the ability to push the envelope and create experiences never before seen such as real-time NFT drops for concerts, exclusive access to live performances that can be sold or traded freely, fully-immersive 3D experiences, physical-backed NFTs and virtual backstage passes, digital merchandise tied to real-world items, and dynamic NFTs that evolve with the artist’s journey. 

On top of this, we build our own technology from the ground up so we can ensure the entire experience from the primary sale to the secondary markets remain on-brand and reflect the artist’s taste and overall style. NFTs are an extension of your music, a vehicle to convey stories, and a way to provide your fans with the ability to truly participate in your success!

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