Norm Joins Voice AI as Strategic Advisor

Voice AI developed bleeding edge voice technology that allows for real-time voice cloning and real-time voice changing allowing any voice actor the ability to sound like a specific voice ‘source’, effectively creating speech that’s indistinguishable from the original source speaker.

Norm will be introducing Voice AI to his relationships in Hollywood for live-action as well as animated TV and Film productions, as well as to top game developers.

Voice AI technology allows an actors’ voice (source voice) to be cloned and then anyone, in any language can then speak or sing using that same ‘source’ voice, with all of the natural inflection, intonation and emotion not possible with TTS.

This allows for many incredible advances including localization of TV and Film where a voice actor in another country, can speak and sound like the ‘source’ voice, in their native language!

In animation and game development, you can use one ‘source’ voice for each character and then any voice talent can read the script and sound like the source voice!

By the way, yes, I did say that this is all done in real-time! There is no other current tech stack that can do this breakthrough voice conversion in real-time!

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