Norm Joins WingAcoustics as Advisor, Introducing Game-changing New Audio Technology

Norm introduces iconic/legendary artists, artist management teams and investors to new audio technology that is about to change the way the world hears music.  For the past 100+ years, most of the world’s audio devices generate sound using the fatally flawed cone driver.  

Introducing the revolutionary acousticWing®, which achieves what has been impossible until now

  • The World’s purest sound reproduction
  • You can finally hear all of the detail that has been masked by vibrating cone drivers.
  • Simple, rigid motor design, moves in a precise arc, mimicking a bird wing in flight
  • NO flexible diaphragm, NO rubbery surround,
  • NO uncontrollable shaking to pollute or distort your music

We aim to replace conventional cone loudspeakers with our revolutionary acousticWing® across vast tracts of global audio market verticals, including home audio, smart speakers, headphones, earphones, automotive and potentially mobile phones and televisions.

The acousticWing® is also the king of spatial sound – the industry’s latest buzz – achieving an incredibly wide dispersion field or ‘sweet spot’ compared to conventional cone speakers that are narrow and directional. Achieving the impossible, pure-fidelity audio, the acousticWing® separates instruments in even complex orchestral music, that reviewers and audio engineers have described as like being in the performance.

Speakers:The company’s hand-built test speakers achieved 5-star review in HiFi Choice magazine UK

The company’s headphone prototypes are being acclaimed as ‘World’s best sound’ by acoustic engineers and industry veterans.

  • Paddy Hill, Studio Manager, Roundhead Studios: “These are not prototypes, they are the best headphones in the world.”
  • John Groom, Audio Reviewer “You have provided a new paradigm — a redefinition of the high-end listening experience.”

With 15 patents granted, 25 more pending and Ex CEO of Beats by Dr. Dre, Susan Paley having joined the Board, the company is raising funds to:

  1. Launch the world’s first ‘pure-fidelity + ultra-deep bass’ audiophile headphone (Price $1,599 USD per pair)
  2. Launch Wing’s licensing program (there is already a growing interest from several global audio/consumer brands)

Wing Acoustics – Company & Tech Overview


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