Norm Joins ComputeCoin Network (CCN) as Advisor

ComputeCoin (CCN) is seen as AWS on steroids for compute-power and Decentralized Storage for Web3 and metaverse applications.

CCN is the world-first aggregator of all types of data centers and crypto mining machines.

CCN makes it easy for developers and pioneers to get started in all things Web3 and the metaverse: AI, VR, AR, dApps, NFTs, and more by providing rich, low-cost, low-latency, and trustworthy computing and decentralized storage power!

Norm Joins B.A.M. Ticketing as USA, Executive Director

Norm Levy will be helping to set up B.A.M. Ticketing’s USA division with the lofty objective of Liberating Ticketing! 

Since 2018, B.A.M. has been building tamper-proof event ticketing secured by blockchain technology, eliminating black markets and adding revenue from secondary trading.

A ticketing system needs to be fast in selling tickets (>250 tps ) and even faster when validating a single ticket (< 1 sec). Not many blockchain networks meet these requirements.

Introducing Ticketing-as-a-Service
B.A.M. Ticketing is designed for a stand-alone service (B2B2C), or a Whitelabel, fully integrated into an existing ticketing landscape (B2B)

Website Widget
Easy integration of ticketing services with any website in minutes

RESTful API + SDK (Software Development Kit)
Integrate B.A.M tickets with any mobile fan application or ticketing software

Fast Reopening with Digital Tickets
B.A.M Ticketing enables contactless ticket scanning, validation of digital health certificates and an ID card in a single step without violating personal data privacy. Additional features like social distanced seating and time slot entries enable events to reopen faster during and after Covid restrictions.

Norm Joins Roll as Business Advisor

Roll is a Gary Vaynerchuk-backed Social/Fan Token platform. They have generated over a quarter-billion dollars in market value for creators and they’re exploring ways to work with select artists.

They’ve been described as Stripe for social tokens: a developer-oriented company that lets creators mint and integrate social tokens – digital assets (currency) that are specific to a Community.

Social tokens add tremendous value to Communities by offering them special perks, incentives and access that can’t otherwise be enjoyed. In essence, it’s a special VIP membership that amplifies the relationship between the brand and its Community.

Norm Joins NFT Sentry as Business Advisor

The NFT ecosystem has grown at a rapid pace but enterprises are still sitting on the sideline unable to monetize their intellectual property. Enterprises need NFTs to fit into existing commercial frameworks, tools to protect against IP theft and fraud and the means to sell enterprise grade NFTs to investors and end users.  
NFT Sentry is the first enterprise grade decentralized NFT licensing solution for Web3

  • Multi-chain decentralized NFT licensing protocol with support for enterprise use cases

  • Easy onboarding of any IP, not just art and collectibles 

  • Audit, compliance and fraud detection analytics

  • Compatible with existing minting platforms, marketplaces and NFTs

Norm Joins Quai Network as Advisor

Quai Network is a Layer-1 network of blockchains that is creating the fastest and most decentralized platform for DeFi, NFT, and metaverse users. Quai Network achieves radical improvements in speed and accessibility by utilizing a network of blockchains that are woven together through “merged mining”. This approach makes Quai Network the only modular system of its kind!

  • Quai Network has created a solution to provide extremely low fee transactions at scale without risk of network outages.
  • Consistently low fees (<@.05) with scalability up to 50K transactions per second (TPS)!
  • Quai Network incentivizes miners to utilize more sustainable and efficient mining practices.
  • If interested to learn more about how Quai Network is breaking the blockchain trilemma.

Norm Joins NFT Thought Leaders as Advisor

NFT Thought Leaders logoNFT Thought Leaders is a collaborative community effort. Our goal is to bring together the brightest minds in Web3 to foster growth, business advancement, and industry thought leadership.

Besides networking and connecting people in this exciting space, my main focus is bringing in Global + Regional Sponsors and Partners for each of our five (5) properties:

  • NFT Thought Leaders – Weekly Audio Events (Linkedin + Spaces)
  • NFT Heat – Weekly Podcasts
  • NFT Thought Leaders – Virtual Events (+- 10 Events in 2022)
  • NFT Thought Leaders – Curated Breakfast Events (+- 10 Events in 2022)
  • NiftyCon – Live Physical Conference + Broadcasted Worldwide (first major conference in Austin TX, September 2022)

Norm Joins Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe Awarding Winning Creative Team to Produce NFT Documentary: Disruption

Norm joins prestigious team on a premium NFT documentary that will uniquely navigate back in time to the origins of NFTs and progress to the current day thrill of the space! This project will bring widespread attention to the NFT community, which in turn will translate to mainstream adoption! This film has a phenomenal creative team led by the prestigious director, Bill Guttentag, who has won two Oscars and three Emmy awards for his previous films. Bill has directed eight films for HBO and is also a Professor at Stanford University’s Business School.  In addition, the top entertainment management company, Anonymous Content is representing the project.

This project will disrupt the financial revenue model for documentary films by creating NFTs.  We will implore several techniques including working with crypto native artists to create limited edition NFTs which will then be auctioned off.  We will also NFT special “moments” from the film and sell them. We will provide utility for the NFTs by giving behind-the-scenes footage as well as a director’s cut version to the highest bidders.  

Disruption: NFT Documentary

Norm is working behind the scenes on the next blue-chip NFT Project(s)

Norm is working with iconic, legendary storytellers, game developers and blockchain gurus on what will become the next sought-after NFT project(s)

Norm Joins NFT Genius as Business Advisor
We are a team of storytellers, technologists, and innovators focused on delivering world-class digital experiences and marketplace technology to the NFT market.

A world-class NFT marketplace on the Flow blockchain. This will house NFTs from some of the world’s best brands, athletes, musicians, and artists.

A basketball-inspired generative NFT set on the Flow blockchain that will also include gameplay.

Rebel Rabbits
A generative NFT set that encapsulates the true spirit of crypto and represents all the rebels participating in this decentralized revolution.

Bitcoin Origins
The first NFT Genius project, immortalizing the most significant moments in Bitcoin’s history through a rare set of digital collectible cards.


Norm Joins ConsenSys as Business Advisor
ConsenSys is the software engineering leader of the blockchain space. Our full-stack Ethereum products help developers build next-generation networks and enable enterprises to launch more powerful financial infrastructure.
ConsenSys was founded by Joe Lubin, co-creator of Ethereum

Norm Joins Voice AI as Strategic Advisor

Voice AI developed bleeding edge voice technology that allows for real-time voice cloning and real-time voice changing allowing any voice actor the ability to sound like a specific voice ‘source’, effectively creating speech that’s indistinguishable from the original source speaker.

Norm will be introducing Voice AI to his relationships in Hollywood for live-action as well as animated TV and Film productions, as well as to top game developers.

Voice AI technology allows an actors’ voice (source voice) to be cloned and then anyone, in any language can then speak or sing using that same ‘source’ voice, with all of the natural inflection, intonation and emotion not possible with TTS.

This allows for many incredible advances including localization of TV and Film where a voice actor in another country, can speak and sound like the ‘source’ voice, in their native language!

In animation and game development, you can use one ‘source’ voice for each character and then any voice talent can read the script and sound like the source voice!

By the way, yes, I did say that this is all done in real-time! There is no other current tech stack that can do this breakthrough voice conversion in real-time!