Julia Michaels Uses Norm’s Shout Tech to Encourage Fans to Vote for Her – Best New Artist 2017 MTV VMAs

Julia Michaels uses her Shout Line to help win Best New Artist at the 2017 MTV VMAs!  When Fans call her Number they hear a special message from her.  When they hang-up they soon receive a text message from her thanking them for the call and with a link to VOTE for her on the MTV voting site!  Over 5000 Fans called within the first few minutes of this Instagram post!



Nav & Metro Boomin uses Norm’s Shout Tech to Promote New Album

Nav & Metro Boomin uses Shout Hotline to Promote New Album!  20,000 Fans called within the first few minutes of the Twitter Post!

After the Fans call the number and hear a special message from Nav, they get a Text Message thanking them for the call and with a link to stream or buy their new Album “Perfect Timing” featuring new track appropriately called “Call Me”!

Norm Joins AI Pioneer iSpeech as Advisor

Powerful Speech Platform for those betting Big on AI and the future of Voice Technology!

Text to Speech API, Speech Recognition API, Open Source SDKs for iOT, Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Smart Homes, Commerce Engines, Hands-free solutions, App Developers, Game Developers, etc.

iSpeech offers of the most robust feature sets in their API / SDK created with one of the largest data sets.

Norm Joins Augmented Reality Start-up FutureFly as Advisor

FutureFly, a tech start-up based out of Helsinki Finland, is rapidly gaining exposure and traction as they are capitalizing on the newfound craving for Augmented Reality and Bitmoji type use for Messaging, as well for allowing you to place your own likeness within social VR/AR experiences.

FutureFly is focused on becoming the standard 3D AR Bitmoji-style platform! Their technology is not only being used by their own commercially available apps, but also can be integrated into any social, gaming, messaging, AR & VR apps.

Futurefly’s latest App release is called Miso Happy.  Miso Happy creates a three-dimensional version of your face from a just one selfie, puts it on animated 3D characters that then perform actions layered onto the real world.  During the Avatar creation process, users can shop for fashion and celebrity brand clothing lines, jewelry, etc.  Big brand names and influencers are already on board and monetizing.  Scenes created through the app can be further decorated with various 2D stickers and text before being shared on messengers and social media.

Please download the Miso Happy App and see how creative and powerful it is to capture the details of your Face and turn it into a 3D animated Avatar!

​Current Investors:
Betaworks, Vision+, Broadway Video, Yuri Milner, Arielle Zuckerberg and Keith Boesky​