New BOOK SIGNING Technique for when there are NO physical Books to sign! ShoutOgraph!

While statistics point to rosy outlook for the “eBook” market, one missing element of buying a book digitally, to enjoy on your Kindle, is WHAT would the AUTHOR SIGN at the “Book Signing”?

ShoutOmatic offers a new spin on the art of Book Signing for the Digital World!

Enter the “ShoutOgraph”!

For the Fan (The Book Buyer)

  1. Bring yourself, your Kindle and your iPhone to the Book Signing.
  2. Tap the ShoutOmatic iPhone app when your turn is next in line to be with the Author.
  3. With the ShoutOmatic APP, ask the Author to give a Voice Shout to you, using your name and to Thank You for buying his/her book.
  4. Pose and Snap for a photo from the next screen.
  5. Enjoy your new ShoutOgraph for ever!  And share it with your friends on all of your social networks.  Upload it as an MP3 file to your Kindle.

For the Author of the Book:

  1. Have your laptop or iPhone open to ShoutOmatic
  2. The Fan will then Follow you on Twitter
  3. The Fan will Re-Tweet his/her Shout Tweet
  4. The Fan now has access to the Shout to enjoy, share with their own social network and upload it as an MP3 to their eBook, etc.

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