New ShoutOmatic Features allow you to share MORE with your Followers/Friends/Fans

ShoutOmatic has added a power-punch of new features that will reduce the need for using a “variety” of sites and platforms for your social networking prowess and streamline it to one!

The Most to Post:
With ShoutOmatic you can share Voice/Text/Photos and Location all from one “Shout” to your Twitter and Facebook streams.

Share ALL of your Internet URLs for the world to see:
In your public Profile, you can now add an unlimited amount of your own internet LINKS (URLs) including but not limited to; web sites, blogs, music, video, photo, social, etc.

Photo Sharing with your Voice to tell us about it:
Rather than using a standard Photo sharing site for sharing your photos to Twitter, if you use ShoutOmatic, you ALSO get to tell us about the photo in your actual Voice!

New Song Introduction Hype with a Preview of the Song automatically merged to Shout!
For Artists and Bands ShoutOmatic just went live with the ability for them to record an Audible Voice Introduction “Shout” about a NEW track they are about to drop and then auto merge it with an MP3 file of that track.. then, specify the amount of seconds until the preview of the track FADES OUT >> then the AUDIO (Voice + Track Preview) gets automatically broadcasted to the Artists’ Twitter and Facebook streams and spreads VIRALLY from Fan to fan to Fan>>> and to accompany the Shout, they can put a “Pre-Order” or “BUY NOW” link in the text of the Shout!
ShoutOmatic: Audible Status Updates (Shouts) so your Voice can be heard; Authentic & Personal:
With so many choices of how to share what you would like to share with all of your social networks, why not choose a platform that allows for authenticity, emotion and tonality that is not possible with 140 characters of text alone.

  • Shout from and your Voice automatically posts to your Twitter & Facebook
  • Shout from  you do not have to leave the comfort of your Facebook profile to Shout to your wall and to your Friends’ walls.
  • Shout from your Cell Phone and your Voice automatically posts to your Twitter & Facebook
  • Shout from the iPhone App and your Voice automatically posts to your Twitter & Facebook
Wait!  There’s More!
  • For Brands, Charities, Foundations, we can SKIN her Shout landing pages with any “look” and marketing information.. as we do with Jeff Gordon (we promote his sponsors and his Childrens’ Foundation)
  • There are “share” links for Each Shout so FANS and FRIENDS and Re-Tweet, share on Facebook, EMAIL, short-URL, Player Widget code
  • Celebrities can sell InstantShouts, PersonalShouts, SponsoredShouts (proceeds can go to Charities of their Choice)
  • There is a” Scheduling Feature: to post your Shouts at a later time.
  • You can “Follow” other Shouters so your stream populates with Shouts of interest to you.
  • You can “Direct-Shout” to someone who is Following you.  Only THEY will hear your Shout.
  • You can “Shout-Back” (reply) to other Shouters Shouts
  • We have a growing roster of Celebs that are engaging with their fans in a most “Current, Relevant, Authentic and Personal” fashion!

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