If and when opportunities may arise for the need for Brand Sponsors for Music Video production and/or for Sponsored Social Media Posts, please give me a Shout!

Here are recent Music Videos that we secured product placements and Instagram tie-in posts that subsidized the following productions:
  • Nicki Minaj = Anaconda
  • Nicki Minaj = Night is Still Young
  • Big Sean = I Dont F with You
  • Brittany Spears + Iggy Azalea = Pretty Girls
  • J Lo = El Mismo Sol
If you are seaking Sponsorship(s) for an upcoming Music Video: Please email me the production dates, your entry level rate, the treatment and please let me know any product categories that are no longer available?

If you are a Brand interested in receiving continuous opportunities for product placement, sponsored social posts, etc, please let me know?

Thank you,
Norm Levy

ShoutOmatic: Helping Artists Promote their Music, Merch & Tour Dates while gaining social exposure, collecting critical Fan data and obtaining Brand Sponsorships.

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