Norm Joins Aves Lair as Venture Partner

Aves Lair is an early-stage VC and seed-stage accelerator with a focus on investing in the new wave of technology. Nestled in the SoHo district of Manhattan, Aves Lair is a carefully crafted collaboration between Lair East and Nakamoto & Turing Labs. Together, the two companies strategically fused their unique and complementary qualities to create a potent, resource-filled environment that will empower startups and tech founders to organically scale their business by applying cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of A.I. and blockchain technology.

Aves Lair is dedicated to supporting and ushering in a new wave of blockchain & A.I. applications and founders with a focus on compliance, track record, and longevity. We provide a wide range of customized services to startups and entrepreneurs with investments, training, and a global network

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