The Perfect Use-Case for Blockchain Technology is Live Event Ticketing! The Only L1 Blockchain Specifically Built for Ticketing is by B.A.M!

B.A.M has built a blockchain specifically for tamper-proof ticketing, with ticketing logic built-in and handles the necessary throughput, speed, latency, security/privacy, etc.  We made integration so simple that your current ticket provider can seamlessly implement or we can handle the entire process.

If more than one ticketing provider handles your venue we offer the perfect solution as the ticketing clearing and settlement point.

  • For technical details, please email me for a presentation outlining our robust, well-thought-out and easy-to-integrate blockchain ticketing solution and for accompanying NFT collectibles.
  • It is what the younger Fans are interested in and attracted to

Our company has been focused on developing a blockchain specifically for ticketing for the last 4+ years. This has enabled us to provide NFT ticketing that not only meets the most stringent requirements for ticketing but also has significant advantages over traditional technologies due to its specialization in ticketing transactions:

  • Full control over secondary market + secondary market revenue
    • You are able to set a cap on resale prices
  • Payments in fiat currency or crypto
  • Know who is sitting in each seat even if one person buys the tickets for a group
  • Elimination of bots, scalpers, and black markets
  • Fan Engagement: By the very nature of the NFT ticket, it acts as a digital collectible for the fans of which you can offer added utility/access/perks
    • Communicate with the fans prior, during and after the event!
  • Plus, so easy to integrate into existing ticketing systems as our API and services do not need to learn “ticketing” as they already understand and speak “ticketing”  

Norm Levy is Executive Director for the U.S.A.

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