Norm Joins Oort (formerly ComputeCoin) as Advisor; Build and scale applications on a decentralized cloud

The Web3 Data Infrastructure

Oort offers a suite of decentralized data solutions for the next billion Web3 users. So far, Oort has successfully launched a few business solutions that operate on its 27k+ geo-distributed decentralized infrastructure nodes around the world. The key features of web3 data infrastructure are “Privacy” and “Low Cost”.  The services in promotion now are given as follows:

  1. Web Hosting Service makes websites resilient to power outages, server crashes, data breaches and censorship, by hosting your websites (if they are on AWS/Google Cloud now) on a fully decentralized network. 
  2. NFT Photo and Video Storage Service stores off-chain NFT data (like metadata, images, and other assets). Users can securely store and easily manage NFT collections on a fully decentralized network
  3. Data Archiving Service enables permanent and immutable data storage that is at least 60% cheaper.

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