Norm Joins EAR Micro as Advisor

EAR Micro was founded by passionate artists who are also engineers, who spent 8 years developing the most advanced personal audio product in history–powered by a tiny microcomputer, all miniaturized to fit into a form-factor just barely the size of a marble.  It’s an “EAR computer”.  Along the way, they attracted some big name partners, like world-renowned Klipsch Group, Inc., and Swatch Group in Switz

erland, to participate in the T10 true luxury audio: in-ear computer project.
What can an ear computer do?  Get us closer to Panopticom?

  • Stream hi-definition 96/24 music without the need for a separate portable hi-res player.
  • Control the ear computer via patented multi-touch, voice commands, patented head movements, and (soon) patented non-verbal mouth movements.
  • Connect other internet-enabled devices (like lighting, home automation, other apps, etc.) to be controlled from the ear computer seamlessly.
  • Download hearables ‘apps’, to add functionality and new use cases; the company is releasing an SDK to outside developers so that the ear computer can constantly grow new features/functions via purpose-built hearables apps—similar to apps for a smart watch or smart phone.
  • Be connected as a MIDI controller—soon enabling musicians to interface with a DAW, or control effect chains, lighting, pyrotechnics, or other MIDI events just using their head and mouth, never taking their hands off their instruments,
  • To see images of EAR Micro/Klipsch T10

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