Norm Joins urFeed as Consultant / TikTok meets Twitter Spaces in web3

urFeed is a web3 social platform that combines live video streaming and short-form video with an inbuilt token-based rewards system where creators and users earn ownership of the platform.

They assembled quite an Impressive team with deep experience in building social, community and web3 platforms.

Their current focus is onboarding Live Shows. They are working with Patrick Wagner (Ex-head of Creators from Rug Radio), Trust DAO (Solana’s #1 NFT marketing agency), and dGEN Network (web3 media house) to onboard creators and their audience.

In addition to iOS, Android and desktop, they have been asked by Solana Foundation to create a version for the Solana Mobile phone to be the main social app at the phone launch in Q1.

Their goal is to be the go-to video platform for web3 creators and the gateway for web2 creators & brands into web3.

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