Norm Joins CERCA as Business Advisor – Revolutionizing the way living, working and social spaces are built

Cerca creates spaces. Not just any spaces; sustainable spaces that are loved for their design, quality, functionality, and durability. We’ve identified that America simply cannot build fast enough. Supply chain issues, limited availability of skilled workers and rising costs of materials create tremendous challenges when it comes to timing, budgeting, and executing on traditional builds. 

We are disrupting the way we build by:

  • Breaking away from traditional stick-built construction by building offsite and eliminating waste
  • Arbitraging labor and capital overseas  
  • Building with a low carbon footprint that incurs savings they can pass on to customers
  • Exploiting their incredibly balanced and talented team each with their own area of expertise and specialty

Recent Wins:

  • CERCA signed Costco as their first major distribution partner and they’re rolling out to the initial stores next quarter and soon to begin a national roadshow with them. 
  • CERCA signed another agreement with the Global Green foundation and actor Brad Pitt to rebuild 105 homes in New Orleans’ 9th Ward district beginning later this year. 
  • CERCA signed a deal with actor Dennis Quaid to be featured on his new show “Viewpoint” which has an audience of 65M households.
  • CERCA is building a social space for Jamie Fox, and working on a new social space that incorporates a golf simulator… it is really cool!

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